Re: [review period] CAT of DWBP into brazilian portuguese (authorized W3C Translation)

Dear Beatriz,

Thank you very much! Please see replies inline.

On 10/26/18 2:20 AM, Beatriz Corrales wrote:
> Dear Xueyuan,
> Thank you for pointing out the issues on the CAT document.
> I took care of it and it seems that the current version of CAT 
> document ( has no more issues. 
> Could you please confirm this?
I can't access to <>, with the error 
"page not found on this server". Would you please check it?
> Regarding the revision of the translation, although the review group 
> was advised of the mailing list (, 
I suppose you mean <>. :)
> the contributions and suggestions were made through a group of emails 
> hosted at, created previously for mobilization of the group.
> Considering that 30 days have passed since the review process began, I 
> am finalizing the HTML file with all the contributions made and, soon, 
> I will proceed to steps 5.3 and 5.4 of the authorized translation 
> policy, ok?
Please be friendly reminded that, the summary of comments and solutions 
(both in English and Brazilian Portuguese) during the review must be 
posted to the publicly archived mailing list, e.g., 
<>, and the general translators' mailing 
list <>. All the stakeholders are also required to 
confirm, in publicly archived mailing list, that they have in fact 
reviewed the document, and that they consider it to be an accurate 

Thanks and regards,
Xueyuan, with apology for the late response due to continuous travels in 
the past few days.

> Kind regards,
> Beatriz

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