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Re: Funka Nu AB to become LTO for WCAG 2.1

From: xueyuan <xueyuan@w3.org>
Date: Tue, 9 Oct 2018 19:15:54 +0800
To: Susanna Laurin <susanna.laurin@funka.com>, "w3c-translators@w3.org" <w3c-translators@w3.org>
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Dear Susanna,

Thanks very much for notifying us about the intention of Funka Nu AB to 
lead the Authorized Swedish Translation of WCAG 2.1.

Following *step 1* of the policy for Authorized W3C Translations:

Could you please:
* include some more industry representation in stakeholders list
* identify specific organizations (name, nature, address/website)
* confirm that these organizations agree to participate

Please feel free to contact me if anything needed here.

Warm regards,
Xueyuan (apologises for the late response due to public holiday absense 
last week)

在 2018/10/1 下午7:51, Susanna Laurin 写道:
> Hi,
> Funka Nu AB would like to become LTO for WCAG 2.1 into Swedish.
> We were the LTO for the authorised WCAG 2.0 translation and we have 
> the capacity and competence to make a high quality translation of WCAG 
> 2.1, not least because our own website was one of the test pilots for 
> the new success criteria.
> Funka is a privately owned company specialising in consultancy and 
> research on accessibility, with its head quarters in Sweden. It was 
> founded as a NGO by the DPOs of Sweden in the mid 1990’s and was 
> turned into a commercial company in 2000. Its staff contains some of 
> the leading experts in Europe.
> We are planning to have the same kind of partners as we had last time, 
> including:
>   * DPOs
>   * Public sector authorities
>   * Academy
>   * Relevant associations
> *DPOs*
> We have already contacted the umbrella organisations among DPOs in 
> Sweden (Funktionsrätt and Lika Unika) as well as some of the major 
> individual ones (visually impaired, motor impairments, reading and 
> writing difficulties, cognitive disabilities and deaf and hard of 
> hearing).
> *Public sector authorities*
> We are in contact with the most relevant public authorities:
> *The Institute for Language and*Folklore collects, preserves and 
> researches dialects, city names, personal names and public memories. 
> The institute are also working with language and language policy. The 
> task of the institute is to live and spread knowledge as well as 
> advising on language issues.
> *Swedish Agency for Accessible Media*produces and distributes 
> literature, newspapers and periodicals in accessible format to persons 
> with reading impairments. The authority also actively participate in 
> the development of accessible media.
> The *Swedish Post and Telecom Authority* (PTS) monitors the electronic 
> communications and postal sectors in Sweden and also has a specific 
> responsibility for digital accessibility. Among other things, the 
> authority publishes the oficial guidelines for web acessibility for 
> public sector bodies.
> *DIGG*is a new government authority, started on September 1, 2018.The 
> authority is responsible for governance of digital administration and 
> will serve as a hub for digitalization of the public sector. It is 
> also suggested to be the monitoring agency for the Web Accessibility 
> Directive.
> The *Swedish Agency for Participation* is working to ensure that 
> everyone is entitled to full participation in society, regardless of 
> functional ability. The agency is monitoring and analysing 
> developments, proposing methods, guidelines and guidance, 
> disseminating knowledge, initiating research and other development 
> work, and providing support and proposing measures to government.
> *Academy*
> The universities we have contacted are:
> *Lund University*, which was the first Swedish university to include 
> universal design in the main stream design curriculum.
> *Mid Sweden University*, which is one of the leading higher education 
> when it comes to diversity studies
> *Stockholm University*, which has a broad range of technical and 
> social programs including accessibility
> *Relevant associations*
> The *Joint Group for Swedish Computer Terminology* 
> includes**representatives of language care, daily press, media, higher 
> education, industry press and companies in the data industry. The 
> Terminology Center, TNC, coordinates the group. The group's work began 
> in May 1996.
> The *International Association of Acessibility Profesionals* is a 
> global organisations for profesional experts in the field of 
> accessibility. The organisation opened its first local chapter in the 
> Nordic countries in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2017, founded by Funka.
> Best regards,
> *Susanna Laurin**| CEO*, G3ict and IAAP Representative to the EU, IAAP 
> Global Leadership Council Vice Chair, Managing Director of IAAP 
> Nordic, expert in the WADex Expert group and ETSI Special Task Force 536.
> *Direct:*+46 8 555 770 61
> *Mobile:*+46 708 90 04 90
> susanna.laurin@funka.com <mailto:susanna.laurin@funka.com>
> *Twitter:*@FunkaNu <https://twitter.com/FunkaNu>
> *Funka Nu AB*
> Tegnérgatan 23
> SE-111 40 Stockholm
> Switch: +46 8 555 770 60
> www.funka.com <http://www.funka.com/en/>
> unka logotype
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