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ACTION-416 open Draft proposal for slightly stricter variant of relaxed and basic Phillip Hallam-Baker 2008-04-23

ACTION-417: investigate completeness of error handling wrt TLS extensions

ACTION-430: Minor editorials

ACTION-438: saved TLS state and pinning

ACTION-453: Initial draft of sec. cons. EV mixed with DV

ACTION-455 Resolution, I think

Agenda: APWG debrief?

Agenda: WSC WG distributed meeting, Wednesday, 2008-04-30

Agenda: WSC WG distributed meeting, Wednesday, 2008-05-07

Agenda: WSC WG distributed meeting, Wednesday, 2008-05-21

Agenda: WSC WG distributed meeting, Wednesday, 2008-05-28

Debian SSL key generation vs Revocation and Expiration

Eye tracking study of Firefox EV indicators

ISSUE-116 ReconfigureChrome Should users be able to reconfigure primary chrome?

ISSUE-133 -- How do our definition of Web Page and the Robustiness section interact?

ISSUE-138 Downgrade strength of Issuer field's Organization attribute

ISSUE-169 Section 5.5.3 creates a burden on browsers to remember past certificates

ISSUE-183, ISSUE-169

ISSUE-183: Automatic Selfsigned Certificate acceptance/probation MUST NOT be implemented unless there is a history capability [wsc-xit]

ISSUE-190 relaxedpathvalidation Relaxed Path Validation - optional, recommended?

ISSUE-190: axe relaxed path validation?

ISSUE-196 (RemoveEmptiness): Remove Conformance Labels section [wsc-xit]

ISSUE-197 (rm -rf petnames): Remove petnames [wsc-xit]

ISSUE-198 (Be the user's agent and do their bidding): 6.4.4 Danger messages should not strictly forbid user agents from doing the user's bidding [wsc-xit]

ISSUE-199 (xmlhttprequest-tls): WebAPI does not specify any TLS error handling for XMLHttpRequest [wsc-xit]

ISSUE-200: Should an AA security indication include all elements in the evaluation, or just the top document [wsc-xit]

ISSUE-201: Status recording for revocation checks? [wsc-xit]

ISSUE-202: Conformance model section makes outdated assumption about spec content [wsc-xit]

ISSUE-203 (securityconsiderations): Update Security Considerations [wsc-xit]

ISSUE-204 (nosqbrackets): Drop square brackets in section 6.1.1 [wsc-xit]

ISSUE-205 (OCSP Failure Risk): Add security consideration for OCSP failure

ISSUE-206 (Smartphones): Proposed changes/additions [wsc-xit]

ISSUE-206 (Smartphones): Smartphone Considerations [wsc-xit]

ISSUE-207 (identity, not security): Add Section 9.3 - Certificates assure identity, not security [wsc-xit]

ISSUE-208 (human readable names): Add security consideration for "human readable" names - e.g. petnames [wsc-xit]

ISSUE-209 (Typos): Spellchecking time [wsc-xit]

ISSUE-210 (Warning Fatigue): Add section 9.5 - Warning Fatigue [wsc-xit]

ISSUE-211 (Derived secrets SHOULD): Make 8.3 SHOULD not must [wsc-xit]

ISSUE-212 (low chrome): devices and low-chrome mode [wsc-xit]

Larry Seltzer on the Green Bar (IE versus Opera)

Meeting record: WSC WG weekly 2008-04-16

petname refinement RE: Agenda: WSC WG distributed meeting, Wednesday, 2008-04-30

TLS error handling in XMLHttpRequest

usability claims and issues for potential testing of petnames

WSC Open Action Items

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