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[TF-SP] FYI - Fwd: Web of things / security Dave Raggett (Saturday, 31 October)

FYI - Fwd: OMA GotAPI Dave Raggett (Saturday, 31 October)

[TF-TD] Breakout Minutes 30-10-2015 Kaebisch, Sebastian (Friday, 30 October)

[IG-SP] Breakout Minutes 30-10-2015 Kaoru Maeda (Friday, 30 October)

[TF-AP] Explicit polling vs leaving it to the server & metadata to optimise Dave Raggett (Friday, 30 October)

[TF-DI] Breakout Minutes 30-10-2015 Soumya Kanti Datta (Friday, 30 October)

Slides for the "RESTful Design for Internet of Things Systems" presentation Ari Keränen (Friday, 30 October)

Demo - Web of Things in home by Panasonic Toru Kawaguchi (Thursday, 29 October)

[WoT IG] WoT Dinner Table Heuer, Joerg (Thursday, 29 October)

Presentation from the breakout session on Web of Things mapping ideas Toru Kawaguchi (Thursday, 29 October)

[W3C WoT IG]: Submission from EVRYTHNG, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft and The Open University on 24 August 2015 Nilsson, Claes1 (Thursday, 29 October)

Issue about TD - how can we describe the RESTful interfaces 전종홍 (Thursday, 29 October)

[WoT IG]: Issues with bi-directional communication for CoAP and other IoT-related protocols Nilsson, Claes1 (Thursday, 29 October)

[WoT IG] Demo - Lightweight WoT Server for Smart Living Soumya Kanti Datta (Thursday, 29 October)

WoT architecture and API in considering of 4 implementation model Matsukura, Ryuichi (Wednesday, 28 October)

AW: [TPAC15] Plugfest preparation Kaebisch, Sebastian (Wednesday, 28 October)

Thing API Demo @TPAC Bassbouss, Louay (Wednesday, 28 October)

[TPAC15] Plugfest preparation (Room Update!) Kaebisch, Sebastian (Tuesday, 27 October)

Break out with SDWWG Anicic, Darko (Tuesday, 27 October)

[TPAC15] Plugfest preparation Hund, Johannes (Tuesday, 27 October)

[TF-DI] Preparation for TPAC 2015 Soumya Kanti Datta (Saturday, 24 October)

plugfest: LED colour temp & brightness to RGB values? Dave Raggett (Wednesday, 21 October)

[TF-DI] Call tomorrow Soumya Kanti Datta (Wednesday, 21 October)

[TF-AP] our call today Hund, Johannes (Wednesday, 21 October)

RE: [ISO/IEC JTC 1/WG 10 to W3C] Request comments on WD of ISO/IEC 30141 Pfaff, Oliver (Wednesday, 21 October)

RESTful Design for Internet of Things Systems -draft Ari Keränen (Monday, 19 October)

[generic sensor] FPWD & TPAC Tobie Langel (Friday, 16 October)

[TF-TD] Meeting minutes + Topics for breakout session Kaebisch, Sebastian (Thursday, 15 October)

Fwd: [RE] Re: [ISO/IEC JTC 1/WG 10 to W3C] Request comments on WD of ISO/IEC 30141 Dave Raggett (Thursday, 15 October)

Fwd: [ISO/IEC JTC 1/WG 10 to W3C] Request comments on WD of ISO/IEC 30141 Dave Raggett (Thursday, 15 October)

Introduction of WebI2C and WebGPIO Satoru Takagi (Wednesday, 14 October)

[TF-TD] Next web meeting Kaebisch, Sebastian (Tuesday, 13 October)

[TF-AP] Amazon IoT and MQTT Dave Raggett (Friday, 9 October)

RE: [TF-DI] Thing API proposal (was RE: [TF-DI] Agenda and webex details - 24 Sept 2015 at 15:00 CEST) BELLESSORT Romain (Friday, 9 October)

[TF-DI] Next meeting Soumya Kanti Datta (Wednesday, 7 October)

[TF-AP] minutes - 7 Oct. 2015 Kazuyuki Ashimura (Wednesday, 7 October)

web of things meets spatial data on the web at tpac? Kerry Taylor (Wednesday, 7 October)

WoT demo and plugfest case 전종홍 (Tuesday, 6 October)

October 7 deadline for registering for TPAC and Sapporo face to face Dave Raggett (Tuesday, 6 October)

[TF-AP] Our next call Hund, Johannes (Tuesday, 6 October)

[WoT-IG] and [IG-SP]: Review Invitation - Security&Privacy Landscape Pfaff, Oliver (Thursday, 1 October)

[tf-sp] minutes from today's call Dave Raggett (Thursday, 1 October)

[tf-td] WoT metadata Dave Raggett (Thursday, 1 October)

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