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[whatwg] Fw: <img srcset> for responsive bitmapped content images

[whatwg] hey

[whatwg] hey WHAT

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[whatwg] Implementation complexity with elements vs an attribute (responsive images)

[whatwg] input type=barcode?

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[whatwg] More forms-related feedback

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[whatwg] proposal for a location.domain property

[whatwg] Proposal in supporting the writing of "Arabizi"

[whatwg] Proposal: Add window.getLastError (or modify invocation arguments of window.onerror)

[whatwg] Random comments about UndoManager

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[whatwg] responsive images

[whatwg] Responsive images and printing/zooming

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[whatwg] runat (or "server") attribute

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[whatwg] srcset javascript implementation (Respondu)

[whatwg] srcset javascript implementation (Respondu) [updated]

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