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[Push API] Web push subscription age affects delivery rates

Agenda: WebPlat WG meeting November 2018

Browser side form encryption

CFC: Move ExecCommand to WICG

Fwd: TPAC 2018 - Registration closes on 14 October

Fwd: Widget related Recommendations are now W3C Obsolete Recommendations

If you were kicked from this WG

Information for WebPlat meetings at TPAC

Minutes (was Agenda: WebPlat WG meeting November 2018)

New member from Apple

New member from Google

New member from Mozilla

New member from Tencent

New members from Google

New members from Google and Microsoft

New members from Inswave Systems Co.

New members from Microsoft

New members from Tencent

No WebPlat meeting this month

publication moratorium for end of 2018

Setting Priority for Web Push Notifications

TPAC 2018 - List of restaurants

TPAC 2018 - Registration closes on 14 October

TPAC: Last minute change to WebPlat agenda?

Web Platform Working Group Charter Extended; Marcos Caceres appointed co-Chair; Charles McCathie Nevile reappointed co-Chair

Web Push Security: Revoke Endpoints and VAPID keys

WebPlat minutes from TPAC 2018

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