Information for WebPlat meetings at TPAC


General information about TPAC is available here:

The WebPlat WG will meet on Monday and Friday, the Editing TF will meet 
on Tuesday, and Web Components contributors will meet on Thursday (plus 
part of Friday). Agendas are available here:

We have a full agenda, so if you requested time to discuss something 
(your name will be on the agenda) or if you are interested in a 
particular topic, please make sure you are in the meeting room promptly 
for the start of that session.

Remote access is available on Monday and Friday with a hardware bridge, 
and on Tuesday and Thursday if we can find a machine to act as a 
software bridge. The WebEx information is available in member-only space:

If you cannot access member-only space, please email instead.

We will take minutes for each meeting, and will share them here and on 

A reminder that the WebPlat WG, like the rest of the W3C, follows the 
Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct (CEPC):

Lastly, we're looking forward to meeting with you all in Lyon. Travel 
safely everyone.

Léonie on behalf of the WebPlat chairs and team.
@LeonieWatson Carpe diem

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