Re: TPAC: Last minute change to WebPlat agenda?

(Commented in the issue as well.) . It would be unfortunate to make that
switch, as I know myself and others in the Immersive Web WG are interested
in joining, and Friday conflicts with our meeting - specifically, we're in
a cross-group meeting with the Audio WG from 10-10:30 (and the coffee
following) on Friday.  We could possibly shuffle our schedule a bit, but
that slot would be harder to clear.

On Thu, Oct 18, 2018 at 12:20 PM Léonie Watson <> wrote:

> Everyone,
> We've had a late request to move the Gamepad discussion to Friday. The
> simplest way to do this would be to move it to 10.15am (and move the
> test driven development and working better together discussions to Monday).
> At this stage, members of the WG may have planned their week to include
> the Gamepad discussion on the Monday. If moving the discussion at this
> stage will complicate things for anyone, please comment here or on the
> Github issue by 2pm UTC on Friday 19th Oct.
> Thanks
> L éonie.
> --
> @LeonieWatson Carpe diem

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