Re: [Push API] Web push subscription age affects delivery rates

Hi Marco, 

> On Nov 1, 2018, at 2:25 AM, Marco Colli <> wrote:
> Are there any updates on this?
> This issue is really a pain... valid subscriptions (that return successful status codes) have such low delivery rates due to this problem and it is difficult to explain that to customers (not to talk about competitors that show the sending rates as if they were the delivery rates...). Also it doesn't really make sense that the number of inactive subscriptions (that belong to abandoned devices and browsers) grows constantly over time.
> Please consider my suggestion: 
> This is also relevant for privacy, because it would allow us to delete unused subscriptions together with all the associated data.

I see Martin already responded in the bug. Martin is spot on tho: you need to be lobbying browser makers directly to get this changed by filing bugs in their respective issue trackers.  

Even if we change the spec, it doesn't mean it will be reflected in implementations any time soon - so we would still need to go through the browsers.

Sorry for making you do additional work here, but affecting this change will take some time. I'll try to help in the bug by making sure the right people get pinged, so at least implementers are aware. 

But please do file bugs if you can and keep pushing for this. I think we all agree that you are correct: this is an annoyance to end-users, so should be fixed.  


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