Re: Web Platform Working Group Charter Extended; Marcos Caceres appointed co-Chair; Charles McCathie Nevile reappointed co-Chair

 > > While progress in this negotiation has been made since May there is no
 > > agreement in place yet. During this extension there will be no REC 
 > > advancement for the joint work with the WHATWG, per the recommendation
 > > of the AB [3] and the Team. This applies to the following documents:
 > >   *
 > >   *
 > >   *
 > >   *
 > >   *
 > >   *
 > >   *
 > This appears to be the first time this has been mentioned to the
 > group, despite the AB deciding this a month earlier. Is there any
 > reason why this hasn't been communicated to the group earlier?

We were packaging different announcements together, including the new
co-chair announcement. And the advice from the AB needed to go through 
the Director before being announced. Effectively, this was an 
announcement from the Director, not the AB.

 > I note
 > that there are participants in this group who do not have access of
 > Member-only space and therefore couldn't have seen this;

The announcement was comunicated at the same time to the Members and the 
Group. Prior to September 7, no decision was in effect. We've been 
working with the WHATWG for several months to find a joint workmode [1]. 
With the charter running out at the end of December, you should expect 
more news before then.

 > I also expect
 > there's plenty of other people who, like me, don't read AB/AC minutes
 > as a matter of course.

Thus, we do send announcements to the Group as well, as Leonie did on 
September 7.



Received on Tuesday, 30 October 2018 14:57:11 UTC