Re: [Push API] Web push subscription age affects delivery rates

Hi Marco, 

> On Sep 27, 2018, at 1:17 AM, Marco Colli <> wrote:
> Hello!
> I think that this study that I have published needs your attention:
> Your opinion would be greatly appreciated.
> Also, are you aware of any strategies that are being implemented in browsers or push services (e.g. FCM, Autopush) in order to mark inactive subscriptions as expired?

(Not an expert on this at all… but your study does raise interesting questions)

Notable things:

"It is important that all browsers properly notify their push service when a subscription is deactivated / refreshed, otherwise the old subscription cannot be marked as expired in a promptly manner. The standard says “MUST”, so it is correct. However we still have doubts about possible buggy behaviors in the implementations, for example in case of poor internet connectivity.”

We should check if we have web platform tests for this. 

“There is a feature described by the Push API that would solve this scenario, ensuring the eventual removal of old subscriptions: indeed a push subscription can have an expirationTime associated to it. However that attribute is optional and no current browser uses that: Chrome and Opera set it to null, while Firefox doesn’t support it.”

We should enquire why this is not getting supported. It might be worth filing a bug:

“It would also be useful if all browsers could set an expirationTime on all generated subscriptions.”

Could be good. Folks more involved could probably propose a reasonable default… like 1 year. 

As above, could you please file a bug:

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