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RDFa Use Cases WG published Ralph R. Swick (Friday, 30 March)

[ALL] Subject-line tags for use by Tracker Thomas Baker (Friday, 30 March)

[SKOS] Review of SKOS Use Cases and Requirements Elisa F. Kendall (Tuesday, 27 March)

AAAI2007's workshop on Semantic e-Science (SeS2007) deadline is extended to April 12 Huajun Chen (Tuesday, 27 March)

[ALL] Last Call for comments on "SPARQL Query Language for RDF" Thomas Baker (Tuesday, 27 March)

Comments on Use Case document Sean Bechhofer (Tuesday, 27 March)

[ALL] Agenda - 2007-03-27 SWD telecon - 1500 UTC Thomas Baker (Monday, 26 March)

ISSUE-33: GroupingConstructs SWD Issue Tracker (Monday, 26 March)

[VocabMgmt] Deciding the NUIG contribution more concretely (Friday, 23 March)

meeting record: 2007-03-20 SWD WG Ralph R. Swick (Tuesday, 20 March)

Re: action: proposal for aligning IssuesProcess and Tracker Ralph R. Swick (Tuesday, 20 March)

[VocabMgmt] DERI, Galway - possible contribution areas (Tuesday, 20 March)

[SKOS] requirement for multimedia annotations Miles, AJ \(Alistair\) (Tuesday, 20 March)

[SKOS] FW: SKOS use case - Japanese NDLSH Miles, AJ \(Alistair\) (Tuesday, 20 March)

[SKOS] FW: SKOS use case - Japanese NDLSH Miles, AJ \(Alistair\) (Tuesday, 20 March)

[ALL] SWD telecon 20 March 1500 UTC - NOTE: for Eurpeans one hour earlier Guus Schreiber (Monday, 19 March)

RE: [SKOS] Proposed Resolution for ISSUE 26: RelationshipBetweenLabels Miles, AJ \(Alistair\) (Monday, 19 March)

AAAI2007's workshop on Semantic e-Science (SeS2007) deadline is approaching Huajun Chen (Monday, 19 March)

ISSUE-32: ConceptSchemeLabellingInteractions SWD Issue Tracker (Monday, 19 March)

ISSUE-31: BasicLexicalLabelSemantics SWD Issue Tracker (Monday, 19 March)

[Recipes] discussion on Recipe 6 (and regrets) Diego Berrueta (Sunday, 18 March)

SKOS-ISSUE rfc4646 obsoletes rfc3066 for language tags Jon Phipps (Saturday, 17 March)

[Recipes] towards an online validation tool for best practices Diego Berrueta (Friday, 16 March)

Vit (a new member from DERI, Galway) - a brief BIO Vit Novacek (Friday, 16 March)

[SKOS] deliverables Alistair Miles (Thursday, 15 March)

[SKOS] issues management Miles, AJ \(Alistair\) (Tuesday, 13 March)

ISSUE-30: Determine how and if RDDL relates to the Resipes SWD Issue Tracker (Tuesday, 13 March)

[SKOS] mailing lists Miles, AJ \(Alistair\) (Tuesday, 13 March)

Call for Exclusions: RDF/A Primer 1.0 Ian B. Jacobs (Tuesday, 13 March)

SWD face-to-face in May or June? Thomas Baker (Tuesday, 13 March)

RDFa Primer 1.0 12 March 2007 published Ralph R. Swick (Monday, 12 March)

Agenda - 2007-03-13 SWD telecon - NOTE UNUSUAL TIME Thomas Baker (Monday, 12 March)

ISSUE-29: What is the MIME type for an HTML+RDFa document? SWD Issue Tracker (Monday, 12 March)

ISSUE-28: How does one \"Follow your nose\" from an HTML+RDFa document to know the author intended to assert the specified triples SWD Issue Tracker (Monday, 12 March)

SWD scribe duty - update Thomas Baker (Sunday, 11 March)

advice? how I can get support from Semantic Web activity Al Gilman (Saturday, 10 March)

Regrets for this week Simone Onofri (Saturday, 10 March)

[SKOS] Mapping tags to things Kjetil Kjernsmo (Friday, 9 March)

[SWD] meeting record: 2007-03-06 SWD telecon Elisa F. Kendall (Wednesday, 7 March)

[RDFa] Scenarios Review Ben Adida (Wednesday, 7 March)

[VocabMgmt] Initial notes on DERI, NUIG contribution to the Basic Principles... document Vit Novacek (Tuesday, 6 March)

[RDFa] Proposal for test process Hausenblas, Michael (Tuesday, 6 March)

[RDFa] meeting record: 2007-03-05 RDF-in-XHTML TF telecon Ralph R. Swick (Monday, 5 March)

Request to Vote on publication of RDFa Primer and Use Case documents Ben Adida (Monday, 5 March)

[VocabMgmt] Joining SWD / Co-editing Vocabulary Management note Elisa F. Kendall (Monday, 5 March)

Re: [SKOS] NASA taxonomies Antoine Isaac (Monday, 5 March)

[ALL] Reviewers for SKOS Use case and requirements draft? Antoine Isaac (Monday, 5 March)

[All] Regrets for March 13 and 20 telecons Antoine Isaac (Monday, 5 March)

[RDFa] Telecon Monday, 1400 UTC Ben Adida (Sunday, 4 March)

[ALL] agenda 6 March telecon - 1600 UTC Guus Schreiber (Sunday, 4 March)

[RDFa] Updated Javascript Library, bookmarklets, and a public version of the RDFa Clipboard Ben Adida (Friday, 2 March)

[RDFa] Update to RDFa Scenarios, including response to Comments Ben Adida (Friday, 2 March)

Re: [RDFa] Response to Reviewer Comments on RDFa Primer Ben Adida (Friday, 2 March)

[RDFa] Re: Comments on the latest snapshot of the primer (2007-02-27) Ben Adida (Friday, 2 March)

RDF Vs. RDBMS kamna jain (Friday, 2 March)

RE: [SKOS] Possible issue: Uniqueness of skos:prefLabel [was Re: [SKOS] inconsistency between Guide and Specification Miles, AJ \(Alistair\) (Thursday, 1 March)

regrets for tcon Tues Mar 6 Daniel Rubin (Thursday, 1 March)

Re: AW: [SKOS] Proposed Resolution for ISSUE 26: RelationshipBetweenLabels Antoine Isaac (Thursday, 1 March)

[ALL] meeting record: 2007-02-27 SWD telecon Hausenblas, Michael (Thursday, 1 March)

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