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2007-06-11 SML WG F2F - SML Presentation

[Agenda] 2007-06-11 SML WG F2F

[agenda] [ver 3] SML Teleconference 2007-06-21

[Bug 4615] Typo in Section sml:targetElement

[Bug 4616] SML Error Schema: errorDataType should allow unbounded xs:any elements

[Bug 4617] SML Schema: The refer attribute in sml:keyref should be optional

[Bug 4627] Introduction should position SML as general validation tool layered on top of XSD 1.0

[Bug 4630] Clarify relation of SML and XML 1.0 vs 1.1

[Bug 4632] Use of IRIs

[Bug 4633] Use of short namespace

[Bug 4635] sml:uri element name

[Bug 4636] What should SML say about fragment identifiers?

[Bug 4637] What should we do with EPR scheme?

[Bug 4638] Conformance section needed

[Bug 4639] Allow cycle checking on element graphs as well as document graphs

[Bug 4640] Normalize usage of 'declaration' and 'definition'

[Bug 4643] inheritance of identity constraints through substitution - align with XSD?

[Bug 4644] Allow assertions on local elements and types

[Bug 4647] smlerr:output - why exclude node sets including text nodes, PIs, comments, ... ?

[Bug 4648] Typo in section 5.1.2

[Bug 4649] Typo in section 5.1.3

[Bug 4650] Typo in section 5.1.4

[Bug 4651] Definition of 'consumer' needs clarification

[Bug 4652] Should SML-IF be described at the octet level or the infoset level?

[Bug 4655] Should SML support selective validation of constraints?

[Bug 4656] Restrict XPointer for SML implementations on top of relational databases?

[Bug 4657] Restrict the use of deref in sml:field/@xpath for SML implementation built on top of relational databases

[Bug 4658] How should deref() treat multiple child elements that use the same reference scheme

[Bug 4659] Remove Appendix E from SML specification

[Bug 4665] Clarify URI equivalence in reference to RFC 3986

[Bug 4666] Should SML IF specify any minimum requirements for the encoding used in SML IF documents

[Bug 4673] why must SML references be derived from sml:refType?

[Bug 4674] add definition of a dangling reference

[Bug 4675] add text in section 3.2 to require that consumers and producers are required to implement at a minimum the uri scheme

[Bug 4676] why we did not use sml:reftype in documentURI

[Bug 4679] Revise Section 6 in SML spec

[Bug 4682] Attribute based reference schemes

[Bug 4683] What should deref() return when there are multiple matches

[Bug 4684] Can sml:keyref refer to an xs:key/unique?

[Bug 4685] Prefix should be allowed in front of deref() in identity constraint xpaths

[Bug 4686] Use schema terminorlogies to describe "xml schema valid"

[Bug 4687] Handling of DTDs when composing an IF document

[Bug 4688] Consider using xml:base

[Bug 4689] Wrong Indentation on section 3.2, last sample

[Bug 4691] Clarify that sch:rule/@context expression can't use deref() function

[Bug 4692] sml:keyref must specify either ref or refer attribute (but not both)

[Bug 4693] Clarify the purpose of applicationUri attribute in Section 5.1

[Bug 4737] typo, SML section 4

[Bug 4738] clarify, SML section 5.1

[Bug 4739] 5.1.3 smlerr output element node serialization

[Bug 4740] typo in 5.1.4 namespace

[Bug 4741] clarify section 1 definition documents definition

[Bug 4742] typo SMLIF section 1

[Bug 4743] clarify SMLIF section 1

[Bug 4744] clarify SMLIF section 1

[Bug 4745] clarify SMLIF section 1

[Bug 4746] clarify SMLIF section 2 signature requirements

[Bug 4747] typo SMLIF section 2.1

[Bug 4748] undefined term SMLIF section 2.1

[Bug 4749] tyoo SMLIF section 2.1

[Bug 4749] typo SMLIF section 2.1

[Bug 4750] tyoo SMLIF section 2.1

[Bug 4751] typo SMLIF section 2.2

[Bug 4752] typo SMLIF section 2.2

[Bug 4753] typo SMLIF section 3.1

[Bug 4754] typo SMLIF section 3.3.4

[Bug 4755] SMLIF section 3.3.6 some fragment URI cases not covered

[Bug 4769] Mark model instance documents as root?

[Bug 4770] Decide which schema elements should be changed to global

[Bug 4771] add name/id to rule bindings?

[Bug 4772] add keyword substitution in smlerr localized messages?

[Bug 4774] definitional schema documents should be preferentially used over all other sources when validating instances

[Bug 4775] definitional schema documents should be preferentially used over all other sources when validating instances

[Bug 4776] conflicts between schema and text - declare which wins

[Bug 4777] conflicts between schema and text - declare which wins

[Bug 4780] Correct section 3.4 targetRequired such that targetRequired=true is not violated for empty or null references.

[Bug 4781] Make sml:uri tag have plain URI and do the same in the EPR example in the address tag. removing EPR reference parameters.

[Bug 4782] Change section to handle cases for invalid values of sml:ref=\"\" including \"false\".

[Bug 4783] Change section to handle cases for invalid values of sml:ref=\"\" including \"false\".

[Bug 4784] Change the spec to support all valid values for sml:ref=\"true\", including sml:ref=\"1\", etc.

[Bug 4785] Normalize usage of the term \"reference element\" for the parent and \"reference scheme\" as the child element.

[Bug 4786] Change \"SomeValidUri\" sample in first example of section 3.3.1 to something more real.

[Bug 4787] Change all example URI of the form \"/foo/bar\" to absolute URIs of the form \"\".

[Bug 4788] Change all usages of URI to URI-reference which includes both absolute and relative forms of URIs.

[Bug 4789] Reword section 3.4 to clearly specify that reference constraints can ONLY appear on schema documents.

[Bug 4790] Reword section 3.4 so to consistently specify that acyclic can appear on \"sml:refType and its derived types\"

[Bug 4791] Reword section 3.4, table item for sml:targetElement so that it talks about \"element declarations\" instead of \"element names\"

[Bug 4792] Remove parenths in section 3.4, table row for sml:targetType.

[Bug 4793] Restructure section 3.4 to follow the following 1) mapping from syntax to cannonical representation, 2) what constitutues a valid usage and 3) implications on instances.

[Bug 4794] Remove the sentence \"If sml:acyclic=false is specified for R, then R is a cyclic reference type\" from 3.4.1

[Bug 4795] Update so that its not enforce on empty or null reference elements

[Bug 4796] Fix formatting in first sentence of

[Bug 4800] Reword 3rd paragraph (\"The syntax and semantics of the above elements are the same ...\") of section 3.5 to refer to the appropriate section in the xsd spec

[Bug 4801] Think about making wording of bullet point 3 (if an SML identity constraint is specified for an element dec. E, then this constraint is applicable...) to be more crisp about the scope

[Bug 4802] For bullet points 4,5 (...XPath expression must conform to...) we should remove the BNF and refer to the Schema spec section instead and add that the xpath expression can also include the deref() function

[Bug 4803] Edit bullet point (A pattern MUST be evaluated for an instance by evaluation the rule elements...) to refer to the schematron spec

[Bug 4804] More clearly denote the validator requirements since the entire paragraph is not optional. There is a required action within the paragraph (Localization of the natural language...)

[Bug 4805] Correct typo \"smlerr:output attributes\" to \"smlerr:localizationid attributes\"

[Bug 4806] Prepare list of places in the spec to consider using \"implementation defined\" vs \"implementation dependent\"

[Bug 4807] Look at sections in section 5 and see if we can make them more clear

[Bug 4808] Section 5.1.2 needs to be split into 2 sections.

[Bug 4809] Should update the 1st sentence of section 5.1.2 to state that the attribute must be used on an sch:report or sch:assert element.

[Bug 4810] Edit sentence in section 5.1.3 (Element nodes are serialized...) to say \"Element nodes are serialized into their XML ...\" ; remove \"document order\"

[Bug 4811] Clarify section 6.1 regarding Schematron phases

[Bug 4812] Look through SML-IF for all qualifications of the word \"model\" including \"model fragment\" and if they are anything other than \"valid\" or \"invalid\" recast them.

[Bug 4813] Change \"representing\" to \"that constitutes\" in \"The purpose of SML-IF is to package the set of documents representing an SML model ...\"

[Bug 4814] Remove the third sentence of paragraph #1 (\"The documents in the interchange set constitute the SML model being interchanged.\")

[Bug 4815] Remove the open issues from the SML-IF document after Pratul logs them in bugzilla (Action 69)

[Bug 4816] change sentence in 3.2 referring to Each document in the interchange set ... to \"represented in SML-IF by a separate document element \"

[Bug 4817] Change \"Each definition document in the interchange \" in 3.2 to \"Each model definition document\"

[Bug 4818] Reword the last sentence of 3.2 from \"appears as a child of a document element \" to more clearly cover the cases where the child element is not in an embedded document

[Bug 4819] Append to 3.3.2 \"Consumers MUST NOT interpret wsa:address \" the phrase \"or any other schemes other than uri\"

[Bug 4820] Remove \"Each member of the set of all alias URIs in an SML-IF document MUST be unique. \" from 3.3.4

[Bug 4821] Swap the words only and contains in the first sentence of 3.3.6

[Bug 4822] Remove the sentence \"By definition, unresolved inter-document references are references to documents (or to elements in documents) not included in the interchange.\" from 3.3.6

[Bug 4823] In 3.3.6, Replace: If neither of these cases applies, the inter-document reference is to a document not included in the interchange set. Such a reference is called \"an unresolved inter-document reference.\"

[Bug 4824] Remove the sentence \"Given a prefix and a set of URIs, the matching set of the prefix is that subset of the URIs that match the prefix.\" from 3.4.1

[Bug 4825] How should deref() handle reference elements with multiple child elements.

[Bug 4826] Implementation of references that target non-root elements. Xpointer support in general.

[Bug 4827] Implementation of SML identity constraints that use the smlfn:deref() function in sml:field.

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[w3c sml] Bugzilla Issue: 4639 - Cyclic SML models

ACTION-83 new wording for 3.3.6

ACTION-89: proposal for presenting summary changes in draft documents

ACTION-93: suggest a resolution to IRI support

Bugzilla Issue: 4639 - Cyclic SML models

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