location of the SMLIF interop use cases

I promised to send a link to the SMLIF iterop use cases

A version is still available at this link http://serviceml.org/
Note that this version is the one used by the February interop and a few 
changes to the spec had been applied since then. As a result those sample 
will not validate against the latest spec

The updated version of these use cases is also available in the COSMOS 
open source CVS repository. COSMOS is using these usecases to test the 
validator implementation.
The changes made to this set of usecases ( from the original content )

- moved  the samples from the 06/02 spec to the one proposed to w3c 
The changes include namespace changes plus changes due to the updates of 
the spec post February 2006.  (phenic,genic > instance,definition 
ruleBinding definition changes)
- had created a few more usecases; since this CVS location is used by 
COSMOS to store test related artifacts, we have created a few more use 
cases to improve the test coverage


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Received on Friday, 29 June 2007 17:44:40 UTC