RE: Tracking editor action items

Our proposal is intended to address only (2) - the editorial action

Yes, the procedure would be that the editors will take care of
transferring [EDITORS] action items (as recorded by the scribe) to


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I believe the Action items fall into three categories: (1) Actions to
open Bugzilla issues, (2) Editorial actions, and (3) Others,
miscellaneous actions perhaps directed at a particular person.

Does the current proposal address only group (2) or is it intended to
address (2) and (3) thereby requiring that every action eventually show
up in Bugzilla?

Also, is the expected procedure that the scribe will regard an action
item with [EDITORS], as demonstrated in Sandy's latest minutes, and the
Editors will take the action of entering the issue into Bugzilla?

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Subject: Tracking editor action items

The SML editor team would like to track all our action items in Bugzilla
for the following reasons:

- We would like to keep all issues in one place rather than having both
bugs and action items.
- Bugzilla is easier for tracking since we can reassign owners and keep
track of status and priority in Bugzilla. 

This means that the editors will move all (past and future) editor
action items into Bugzilla.

The intent of this email is just to verify with the working group that
this process is ok. Does anyone have any problems with this?


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