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[BIONT] Ontology Working Group Teleconference Kashyap, Vipul (Tuesday, 30 May)

WWW2006 W3C-Track presentations Eric Neumann (Monday, 29 May)

[BioRDF] from yesterday's discussion: "standard" vocabulary URI's John Barkley (Tuesday, 23 May)

[BIONT] Integrating development of my ontology framework into Ontology Task Force? Matthias Samwald (Tuesday, 23 May)

[BIONT] Senselab project ontologies. Alan Ruttenberg (Friday, 19 May)

Meeting minutes Christophe Poulain (Thursday, 18 May)

Shared google calendar? Alan Ruttenberg (Thursday, 18 May)

HCLSig May 5-18 Teleconference Agenda Eric Neumann (Wednesday, 17 May)

teleconference thursday? Alan Ruttenberg (Wednesday, 17 May)

[ACPP] TConf on Thursday 9:00-1:00am EDT, May 18 (Tuesday, 16 May)

[BioRDF] nlp to RDF, xml examples Davide Zaccagnini (Tuesday, 16 May)

[BioRDF] 5/15 Telcon Minutes available Olivier Bodenreider (Monday, 15 May)

Neuroscience links Alan Ruttenberg (Monday, 15 May)

[BioRDF] RDF at the BBC: An experimental prototype Duncan Hull (Friday, 12 May)

Action item: Review of Parkinsons's use case and connection to reagents BioRDF task Alan Ruttenberg (Thursday, 11 May)

Propose task: Distributed self-publishing of Experiments AJ Chen (Tuesday, 9 May)

IIC Seminar reminder - May 10, 2006 Tim Clark (Wednesday, 10 May)

[HCLSIG] Journal Publications Matthias Samwald (Wednesday, 10 May)

[BIONT] Teleconference Tuesday May 9 Agenda Alan Ruttenberg (Tuesday, 9 May)

Task proposal: Distributed self-publishing of experiments AJ Chen (Tuesday, 9 May)

proposal for standard NCBI database URI Alan Ruttenberg (Tuesday, 9 May)

GUIDs Kevin Richards (Sunday, 7 May)

Re: Extending BioDash Eric Neumann (Sunday, 7 May)

Computational Systems Bioinformatics Conference, August 14-18, 2006 Nigam Shah (Friday, 5 May)

[BioRDF] Added a task Matthias Samwald (Thursday, 4 May)

Re: [BioRDF] Telcon Susie Stephens (Thursday, 4 May)

RIF use cases; looking for reviewers Eric Miller (Thursday, 4 May)

[ANN] Connotea Web API Lund, Ben (Thursday, 4 May)

[BioRDF] Antibody database conversion status report Alan Ruttenberg (Thursday, 4 May)

Forum of European Neuroscience 2006 (anyone attending?) Matthias Samwald (Thursday, 4 May)

2nd CFP:International Workshop on Semantic e-Science Huajun Chen @ Zhejiang University (Thursday, 4 May)

[BiONT][BioRDF] Mussels Alan Ruttenberg (Thursday, 4 May)

[BioNT] Next teleconference: Please send me agenda items Alan Ruttenberg (Thursday, 4 May)

HCLSig May 4-06 Teleconference Agenda Eric Neumann (Wednesday, 3 May)

2nd CFP: Intl' Workshop Semantic e-Science 2006 (important updates about publication) Yimin Wang (Wednesday, 3 May)

[ACPP] Teleconference Thursday and Agenda Hongsermeier, Tonya M.,M.D. (Tuesday, 2 May)

CFP: The Joint BioLINK and 9th Bio-Ontologies Meeting Phillip Lord (Tuesday, 2 May)

CFP: The Joint BioLINK and 9th Bio-Ontologies Meeting Phillip Lord (Tuesday, 2 May)

URL for UGA Presentation Kashyap, Vipul (Tuesday, 2 May)

Demo opportunity on CSB2006 AJ Chen (Tuesday, 2 May)

[BIONT] Teleconference and Revised Agenda Kashyap, Vipul (Monday, 1 May)

[BioRDF] Easily digestible Entrez Gene records Alan Ruttenberg (Monday, 1 May)

Ruby On Rails Brian Gilman (Monday, 1 May)

Re: BioRDF [Telcon] kei cheung (Monday, 1 May)

CFP: KR-MED 2006 "Biomedical Ontology in Action" Olivier Bodenreider (Monday, 1 May)

RE: [BIONT] Teleconference Tuesday and Agenda: Kashyap, Vipul (Monday, 1 May)

[BIONT] Teleconference Tuesday and Agenda Kashyap, Vipul (Monday, 1 May)

Re: The O'Reilly Filter? Timo Hannay (Monday, 1 May)

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