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Ontology editor + why RDF? deWaard, Anita (ELS) (Thursday, 30 March)

Image Annotation on the Semantic Web Eric Neumann (Thursday, 30 March)

[BioRDF] notes for March 27, 2006 Conference Call John Barkley (Tuesday, 28 March)

Update: [BIONT] Teleconference (Tuesday, 28 March)

[BIONT] Teleconference on Tuesday, March 28th is cancelled... Kashyap, Vipul (Monday, 27 March)

[BIORDF] edit of Top Level Task - scalability M. Scott Marshall (Monday, 27 March)

[BioRDF] 3/20 Telcon Minutes available Olivier Bodenreider (Thursday, 23 March)

Introductions: Bill Bug, Laboratory for Bioimaging and Anatomical Informatics, Drexel U. College of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA, USA William Bug (Wednesday, 22 March)

HCLSIG March 23 telecon logistics and agenda Eric Neumann (Wednesday, 22 March)

[HCLSIG] Re: New Use Case Eric Neumann (Wednesday, 22 March)

New Use Case Brian Osborne (Wednesday, 22 March)

NLP-RDF task, clarification Davide Zaccagnini (Wednesday, 22 March)

GUI Editor in wiki John Madden (Wednesday, 22 March)

Antibody pdfs June Kinoshita (Wednesday, 22 March)

use cases Tim Clark (Wednesday, 22 March)

sending large email attachments Ralph R. Swick (Wednesday, 22 March)

Parkinson's Use Case John Madden (Wednesday, 22 March)

New tool that may be useful ... Eric Miller (Tuesday, 21 March)

[BIONT] Parkinson's Disease Use Cases Donald Doherty (Tuesday, 21 March)

[HCLS-ACPP] Adatable Clinical Protocols and Pathways (ACPP) Task Group - objective and scope (Monday, 20 March)

Meeting Minutes March 9 and 14th Brian Gilman (Monday, 20 March)

[BIONT] Teleconference Tuesday Kashyap, Vipul (Monday, 20 March)

fwd: Nature's Connotea tagging of OA articles in Eprints Dan Brickley (Monday, 20 March)

[BioRDF] Antibodies use case draft Alan Ruttenberg (Sunday, 19 March)

Introduction: Alan Ruttenberg Alan Ruttenberg (Sunday, 19 March)

Any connotea users out there? John Madden (Friday, 17 March)

[BioRDF]SenseLab_Task kc28 (Friday, 17 March)

Ontology Task Force Wiki John Madden (Thursday, 16 March)

RE: [BioRDF] Telcon Minutes - [SPAM FILTER PROBLEMS] Cutler, Roger (RogerCutler) (Wednesday, 15 March)

Re: [BioRDF] Telcon Minutes - [SPAM FILTER PROBLEMS] John Madden (Wednesday, 15 March)

[BioRDF] Telcon Minutes Cutler, Roger (RogerCutler) (Tuesday, 14 March)

FW: WHO International Clinical Trial Registry Platform - FreeWebinar 16 Mar 2006 (11:30 AM Eastern time) Kashyap, Vipul (Tuesday, 14 March)

[BIONT] Teleconference and Agenda for Tuesday, 3/14/06 Kashyap, Vipul (Tuesday, 14 March)

[BIONT] Telecon minutes available Kashyap, Vipul (Tuesday, 14 March)

PIPS - Personalised Information Platform for Health and Life Services Joanne Luciano (Tuesday, 14 March)

[BioRDF] Telcon Minutes Cutler, Roger (RogerCutler) (Monday, 13 March)

Invitation: [BIONT] Teleconference (Mar 14 11:00 AM EST) (Monday, 13 March)

[HCLSIG] A Basic Neuroscientist Use Case Donald Doherty (Monday, 13 March)

[BioRDF] Re: Parkinson's Disease use-case Eric Neumann (Monday, 13 March)

[BIONT] Teleconference Kashyap, Vipul (Monday, 13 March)

FW: [BioPAX-discuss] Integrating BioPAX compliant data Joanne Luciano (Friday, 10 March)

Ninth International Protege Conference - July 23-26, 2006 - Stanford, California Monica Crubezy (Thursday, 9 March)

Society for Neuroscience | Neuroscience Database Gateway Tim Clark (Thursday, 9 March)

HCLS Task Overview Eric Neumann (Thursday, 9 March)

HCLSIG March 9 telecon logistics and agenda Eric Miller (Thursday, 9 March)

[BIONT] Alan Ruttenberg (Thursday, 9 March)

[BioRDF] March 6, 2006 Teleconference minutes posted M. Scott Marshall (Wednesday, 8 March)

Providing a context for RDF M. Scott Marshall (Tuesday, 7 March)

RE: [OWG] Telecon Details and Agenda Kashyap, Vipul (Tuesday, 7 March)

Re: [OWG] Telecon Details and Agenda Eric Miller (Tuesday, 7 March)

RE: [BIONT] HCLSIG Use Cases Kashyap, Vipul (Monday, 6 March)

Parkinson's Disease use-case Eric Neumann (Monday, 6 March)

[BIONT] Teleconference Kashyap, Vipul (Monday, 6 March)

[BioRDF] Wiki activity Alan Ruttenberg (Monday, 6 March)

[BIONT] Telecon Kashyap, Vipul (Sunday, 5 March)

[BioRDF] Telcon Susie Stephens (Saturday, 4 March)

IRC Web Interface Cutler, Roger (RogerCutler) (Thursday, 2 March)

[BioRDF] UML/RDF [Was: Meeting Notes Feb 27, 2006] Cutler, Roger (RogerCutler) (Thursday, 2 March)

Introduction Adrian Walker (Wednesday, 1 March)

Introduction chris mungall (Wednesday, 1 March)

CFP: The Joint BioLink and Bio-Ontologies Meeting, August 4-5, 2006 Phillip Lord (Wednesday, 1 March)

RE: [BioRDF] Meeting Notes Feb 27, 2006 Mork, Peter D.S. (Wednesday, 1 March)

Re: [BioRDF] Meeting Notes Feb 27, 2006 Eric Jain (Wednesday, 1 March)

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