from April to June 2006 by thread

Blank node identifiers in FILTER clauses Fred Zemke (Wednesday, 28 June)

DAWG minutes 27 Jun 2006 for review Dan Connolly (Tuesday, 27 June)

June 20 Minutes Elias Torres (Monday, 26 June)

agenda, 27 June 14:30 UTC till 15:30 UTC Kendall Clark (Monday, 26 June)

[Fwd: Error in langMatches test LangMatches-3] Seaborne, Andy (Monday, 26 June)

[Fwd: xsd:unsignedByte + xsd:unsignedShort = xsd:decimal?] Seaborne, Andy (Monday, 26 June)

GRAPH details and test cases Lee Feigenbaum (Sunday, 25 June)

formal semantics of OPT operator Fred Zemke (Friday, 23 June)

constructing the abstract structure from an OPTIONAL Fred Zemke (Friday, 23 June)

some proposed test cases Fred Zemke (Tuesday, 20 June)

[Fwd: Re: my take on the formal semantics of SPARQL] Fred Zemke (Tuesday, 20 June)

regrets for telecon on 20 June Pat Hayes (Monday, 19 June)

agenda, 20 June 2006, 14:30 UTC (*Note the new time*) Kendall Clark (Monday, 19 June)

regrets 20 June 2006 Eric Prud'hommeaux (Monday, 19 June)

Registration of media type application/sparql-results+json Elias Torres (Friday, 16 June)

minutes RDF Data Access 13 June for review Eric Prud'hommeaux (Friday, 16 June)

agenda, 13 June 2006, 13:30 UTC Kendall Clark (Monday, 12 June)

Display the structure of a SPARQL query Seaborne, Andy (Monday, 12 June)

Apologies for 2006-06-13 Steve Harris (Sunday, 11 June)

Comment on 4.1 "Group graph patterns" (CR 6 Apr 2006) Fred Zemke (Friday, 9 June)

Meeting Minutes - June 6th Elias Torres (Friday, 9 June)

General problem with cardinality of results in CR 6 April 2006 Fred Zemke (Thursday, 8 June)

Comments on 2.6 "Multiple Matches" (CR 6 Apr 2006) Fred Zemke (Friday, 9 June)

Comments on 10.1 "Solution sequences and result forms" (CR 6 Apr 2006) Fred Zemke (Friday, 9 June)

Comments on 9 "Specifying RDF datasets" (CR 6 Apr 2006) Fred Zemke (Friday, 9 June)

Comment on 11.2 "filter evaluation" (CR 6 Apr 2006) Fred Zemke (Friday, 9 June)

Comments on the proper domain for solutions (CR 6 Apr 2006) Fred Zemke (Friday, 9 June)

Comments on optional pattern matching (CR 6 apr 2006) Fred Zemke (Friday, 9 June)

Comments on UNION matching (CR 6 Apr 2006) Fred Zemke (Friday, 9 June)

Comments on 2.1.4 "Syntax for blank nodes" in 6 April 2006 CR Fred Zemke (Thursday, 8 June)

Re: Draft response to: Re: major technical: blank nodes Fred Zemke (Thursday, 8 June)

request for later telecon start time Fred Zemke (Thursday, 8 June)

OPTIONALs and shared variables Steve Harris (Thursday, 8 June)

ordering semantics of UNIONS and OPTIONALs Eric Prud'hommeaux (Thursday, 8 June)

[Fwd: Re: editorial comments on CR dated 6 april 2006] Fred Zemke (Wednesday, 7 June)

[#valueTesting] equality and unknown dataypes Seaborne, Andy (Wednesday, 7 June)

[#valueTesting] xsd:date Seaborne, Andy (Wednesday, 7 June)

comment on A.7 "Grammar" Fred Zemke (Tuesday, 6 June)

comment on CR 10.1 "solution sequences and result forms" Fred Zemke (Tuesday, 6 June)

Comments on 2.5.1 "General framework" in CR dated 6 April 2006 Fred Zemke (Tuesday, 6 June)

editorial comments on CR dated 6 april 2006 Fred Zemke (Tuesday, 6 June)

agenda, 6 June 2006, 13:30 UTC Kendall Clark (Monday, 5 June)

[test suite] tests for computed-properties Seaborne, Andy (Monday, 5 June)

[ValueTesting] Open world value tests Seaborne, Andy (Monday, 5 June)

Semantics 2006 - Extended Deadline Sven Groppe (Thursday, 1 June)

meeting record 30 May 2006 Eric Prud'hommeaux (Tuesday, 30 May)

ACTION: EricP to add xsd:boolean operators Eric Prud'hommeaux (Tuesday, 30 May)

agenda, 30 May 2006 telcon @ 13:30 UTC (9:30am EDT) Kendall Clark (Monday, 29 May)

Apologies for Tues 30th Steve Harris (Monday, 29 May)

agenda delayed... Kendall Clark (Monday, 29 May)

Namespace of builtin functions Steve Harris (Wednesday, 24 May)

saddle? Kendall Clark (Tuesday, 16 May)

confirm next telcon date? Kendall Clark (Monday, 15 May)

minutes RDF Data Access 9 May for review Dan Connolly (Tuesday, 9 May)

Tests I think are incorrect Steve Harris (Tuesday, 9 May)

agenda, 9 May 2006 telcon Kendall Clark (Monday, 8 May)

Typo in SPARQL QL spec Steve Harris (Monday, 8 May)

*ALPSWS2006 Deadline Extended* Axel Polleres (Monday, 8 May)

regrets for Tuesday's mtg Lee Feigenbaum (Friday, 5 May)

be prepared to discuss schedule on Tuesday Kendall Clark (Friday, 5 May)

Patch for SolutionSeq to make it turtle parser neutral Steve Harris (Thursday, 4 May)

Welcome to Kendall Clark as new DAWG Chair, thanks to Dan Connolly Daniel Weitzner (Thursday, 4 May)

Heads up and comments on the DDR Ivan Herman (Monday, 1 May)

Last CfP: Applications of Logic Programming in the Semantic Web and Semantic Web Services (ALPSWS2006) Axel Polleres (Monday, 1 May)

more on bnodes in predicate positions Lee Feigenbaum (Friday, 28 April)

Error in DAWG test Steve Harris (Friday, 28 April)

GData: an approach to update Dan Connolly (Tuesday, 25 April)

no DAWG agenda/teleconference this week nor next Dan Connolly (Monday, 24 April)

Re: [Last Call] Registration of media type application/sparql-query (fwd) Eric Prud'hommeaux (Friday, 21 April)

Meeting Minutes April 18 [REVISED] Elias Torres (Thursday, 20 April)

Meeting Minutes Apr 18 Elias Torres (Wednesday, 19 April)

regrets Kendall Clark (Tuesday, 18 April)

Equality in FILTER [#ValueTesting] Seaborne, Andy (Tuesday, 18 April)

agenda: RDF Data Access 17 Apr Dan Connolly (Monday, 17 April)

test case: unmentioned variables Eric Prud'hommeaux (Monday, 17 April)

RE: [Fwd: rif-ucr published] "Rule Interchange Format Use Cases and Requirements" Sven Groppe (Thursday, 13 April)

Feedback for SparQL at workshop "Semantic Web and Databases" associated with IEEE ICDE 2006 Sven Groppe (Thursday, 13 April)

meaning of a function name Eric Prud'hommeaux (Wednesday, 12 April)

minutes from 11 April 2006 Libby Miller (Tuesday, 11 April)

11 April 2006 Agenda Kendall Clark (Tuesday, 11 April)

Regrets Sven Groppe (Tuesday, 11 April)

[Fwd: Test case w/unsupported datatypes] Seaborne, Andy (Tuesday, 11 April)

SPARQL cast tests Steve Harris (Monday, 10 April)

agenda: RDF Data Access 11 Apr Dan Connolly (Friday, 7 April)

minutes 4 Apr RDF Data Access (DAWG) Dan Connolly (Friday, 7 April)

SPARQL Specifications are Candidate Recommendations Dan Connolly (Thursday, 6 April)

Call for Exclusions: Three SPARQL specifications Ian B. Jacobs (Thursday, 6 April)

Fwd: SPARQL syntax Steve Harris (Thursday, 6 April)

Re: agenda: RDF Data Access 4 Apr 14:30Z (Boston Tue 10:30 AM; Los Angeles Tue 7:30 AM; London Tue 3:30 PM) Janne Saarela (Tuesday, 4 April)

Re: automatic extraction of rq23 examples Jeen Broekstra (Tuesday, 4 April)

Invitation to Program Committee Semantics 2006 Sven Groppe (Tuesday, 4 April)

partial regrets Kendall Clark (Monday, 3 April)

agenda: RDF Data Access 4 Apr 14:30Z (Boston Tue 10:30 AM; Los Angeles Tue 7:30 AM; London Tue 3:30 PM) Dan Connolly (Monday, 3 April)

regrets (Monday, 3 April)

Re: re-opening the DESCRIBE issue Eric Prud'hommeaux (Monday, 3 April)

regrets for Apr 4 Lee Feigenbaum (Monday, 3 April)

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