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*ALPSWS2006 Deadline Extended*

11 April 2006 Agenda

[#valueTesting] equality and unknown dataypes

[#valueTesting] xsd:date

[Fwd: Error in langMatches test LangMatches-3]

[Fwd: Re: editorial comments on CR dated 6 april 2006]

[Fwd: Re: my take on the formal semantics of SPARQL]

[Fwd: rif-ucr published] "Rule Interchange Format Use Cases and Requirements"

[Fwd: Test case w/unsupported datatypes]

[Fwd: xsd:unsignedByte + xsd:unsignedShort = xsd:decimal?]

[Last Call] Registration of media type application/sparql-query (fwd)

[test suite] tests for computed-properties

[ValueTesting] Open world value tests

ACTION: EricP to add xsd:boolean operators

agenda delayed...

agenda, 13 June 2006, 13:30 UTC

agenda, 20 June 2006, 14:30 UTC (*Note the new time*)

agenda, 27 June 14:30 UTC till 15:30 UTC

agenda, 30 May 2006 telcon @ 13:30 UTC (9:30am EDT)

agenda, 6 June 2006, 13:30 UTC

agenda, 9 May 2006 telcon

agenda: RDF Data Access 11 Apr

agenda: RDF Data Access 17 Apr

agenda: RDF Data Access 4 Apr 14:30Z (Boston Tue 10:30 AM; Los Angeles Tue 7:30 AM; London Tue 3:30 PM)

Apologies for 2006-06-13

Apologies for Tues 30th

automatic extraction of rq23 examples

be prepared to discuss schedule on Tuesday

Blank node identifiers in FILTER clauses

Call for Exclusions: Three SPARQL specifications

Comment on 11.2 "filter evaluation" (CR 6 Apr 2006)

Comment on 4.1 "Group graph patterns" (CR 6 Apr 2006)

comment on A.7 "Grammar"

comment on A.7 "Grammar" (punctuationSyntax)

comment on CR 10.1 "solution sequences and result forms"

Comments on 10.1 "Solution sequences and result forms" (CR 6 Apr 2006)

Comments on 2.1.4 "Syntax for blank nodes" in 6 April 2006 CR

Comments on 2.5.1 "General framework" in CR dated 6 April 2006

Comments on 2.6 "Multiple Matches" (CR 6 Apr 2006)

Comments on 9 "Specifying RDF datasets" (CR 6 Apr 2006)

Comments on optional pattern matching (CR 6 apr 2006)

Comments on the proper domain for solutions (CR 6 Apr 2006)

Comments on UNION matching (CR 6 Apr 2006)

confirm next telcon date?

constructing the abstract structure from an OPTIONAL

DAWG minutes 27 Jun 2006 for review

Display the structure of a SPARQL query

Draft response to: Re: major technical: blank nodes

editorial comments on CR dated 6 april 2006

Equality in FILTER [#ValueTesting]

Error in DAWG test

Feedback for SparQL at workshop "Semantic Web and Databases" associated with IEEE ICDE 2006

formal semantics of OPT operator

Fwd: SPARQL syntax

GData: an approach to update

General problem with cardinality of results in CR 6 April 2006

GRAPH details and test cases

Heads up and comments on the DDR

Invitation to Program Committee Semantics 2006

June 20 Minutes

Last CfP: Applications of Logic Programming in the Semantic Web and Semantic Web Services (ALPSWS2006)

meaning of a function name

Meeting Minutes - June 6th

Meeting Minutes Apr 18

Meeting Minutes April 18 [REVISED]

meeting record 30 May 2006

minutes 4 Apr RDF Data Access (DAWG)

minutes from 11 April 2006

minutes RDF Data Access 13 June for review

minutes RDF Data Access 9 May for review

more on bnodes in predicate positions

Namespace of builtin functions

no DAWG agenda/teleconference this week nor next

OPTIONALs and shared variables

ordering semantics of UNIONS and OPTIONALs

partial regrets

Patch for SolutionSeq to make it turtle parser neutral

re-opening the DESCRIBE issue

Registration of media type application/sparql-results+json


Regrets (was: Re: agenda, 9 May 2006 telcon)

regrets 20 June 2006

regrets for Apr 4

regrets for telecon on 20 June

regrets for Tuesday's mtg

request for later telecon start time


Semantics 2006 - Extended Deadline

some proposed test cases

SPARQL cast tests

SPARQL Specifications are Candidate Recommendations

test case: unmentioned variables

Tests I think are incorrect

Typo in SPARQL QL spec

Welcome to Kendall Clark as new DAWG Chair, thanks to Dan Connolly

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