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Compatibility mouse events, take 2? Patrick H. Lauke (Tuesday, 31 March)

Re: [DOM3Events] InputDevice API sketch François REMY (Sunday, 29 March)

New webkitmouseforce* events in WebKit Rick Byers (Thursday, 26 March)

options for eliminating hit-tests for touch pointermove by default Rick Byers (Wednesday, 25 March)

Add direction-specific pan values to touch-action? Rick Byers (Tuesday, 17 March)

Draft minutes: 17 March 2015 PEWG and TECG call Arthur Barstow (Tuesday, 17 March)

ACTION-148: Start a thread re what we want to do with touch-action vis-a-vis safari and other requests Pointer Events Working Group Issue Tracker (Tuesday, 17 March)

ACTION-147: Work on a charter extension for the pewg Pointer Events Working Group Issue Tracker (Tuesday, 17 March)

Value of button in a chorded pointerdown event Stuart P. Bentley (Tuesday, 17 March)

Draft agenda: 17 March 2015 Arthur Barstow (Monday, 16 March)

Re: Agenda items for call on Tuesday? Arthur Barstow (Monday, 16 March)

Why isn't pointer-type an enum? Rick Byers (Monday, 9 March)

Guidance for how best to implement smooth multi-touch behavior Rick Byers (Monday, 9 March)

Pointer Events Recommendation delayed by a Formal Objection Arthur Barstow (Thursday, 5 February)

Ted Dinklocker Introduction Ted Dinklocker (Tuesday, 3 February)

FYI: Change in my affiliation Arthur Barstow (Friday, 23 January)

[Bug 27792] New: Ambiguous Text in Device Button State Table (Friday, 9 January)

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