InkML (was: Pointer Events Recommendation delayed by a Formal Objection)

Hi, folks–

We're hoping to resolve the publication issue very soon.

In the meantime, I just wanted to chime in on a particular point, about 
InkML (some other people asked me about it offlist, so I thought I'd 
clarify on the public record).

InkML [1] is a red herring. I don't think Chaals was proposing it as a 
strawman; I suspect rather that he was just mentioning it in relation to 
other W3C specs that have some pen-tablet connection.

InkML is not the same category of technology as Pointer Events. It does 
not provide an eventing system, nor plug into or extend DOM Events. It's 
a serialization of pen-tablet events into a markup format, as an 
interchange format; it has more in common with SVG than with DOM Events.

I would not personally categorize InkML as a Web Platform technology, 
since I don't believe there are any browser implementations (nor was 
that the intent of the technology), or any Web uses; I won't speculate 
on whether someone might find a use for it on the Web in the future, 
except to say that it's certainly not suitable for addressing the use 
cases that are defined in Pointer Events, and that I'm significantly 
more optimistic about the utility of Pointer Events for the Web Platform.

On 2/5/15 10:01 AM, wrote:
> We would be interested to see a small Rec that basically covers the
> pen-type info like pressure and angle, e.g. extending touch events.
> Except in InkML those things aren't available as a specified standard
> for the Web platform and we're no more optimistic about InkML as the
> way to do them than we are about pointer-events.



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