Re: New webkitmouseforce* events in WebKit

Do you know if these are actually exposed to the web? I sure hope not. I thought we all agree that vendor prefixes don't work and are harmful.


On 03/26/2015 04:38 PM, Rick Byers wrote:
> People here will probably be interested in these new event types that just landed in WebKit <>.
> Here's the relevant API details from the ChangeLog:
> This patch adds six new events for the force click gesture:
> webkitmouseforcewillbegin -> Event is sent just before mousedown to indicate that
> force can be perceived if the user presses any harder. The author should prevent
> default on this event to both prevent the user agent’s default force click
> features and to receive the other 5 events.
> webkitmouseforcechanged -> This event fires whenever force changes between the
> mousedown and mouseup. It is a new type of mouse event that includes a force
> variable which is a normalized number between 0 (corresponds to click) and 1
> (corresponds to force click). In this patch, I have only added code to send this
> event between mousedown and mouseforcedown, but as a followup patch, we plan to
> send it through mouseup.
> webkitmouseforcecancelled -> If the user releases their finger from the trackpad
> after pressing hard enough to send webkitmouseforcewillbegin events but not hard
> enough to force click, this event will be sent to indicate that the user bailed
> out on the gesture.
> webkitmouseforcedown -> The down part of the force click.
> webkitmouseforceup -> The up part of the force click. This event is added in this
> patch, but does not yet fire. That is work for a follow-up patch.
> webkitmouseforceclick -> The equivalent of the click event for the force click.
> Should fire just after webkitmouseforceup. This event is added in this patch, but
> does not yet fire. That is work for a follow-up patch.

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