Re: Agenda items for call on Tuesday?

On 16/03/2015 00:23, Arthur Barstow wrote:
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> Hi Rick, All
> I don't have anything specific for the TECG but I was thinking about
> having a PEWG call on March 17 to talk about status and next steps for
> However, given substantial membership overlap between these two groups
> and their voice conference slots overlapping, I'm not sure how to
> proceed. One option is to split the hour at xx:30, but if TECG needs
> more time, perhaps I should just go ahead and create a separate meeting
> for PEWG. What do folks prefer: split the hour or separate meetings at
> different time and/or day?

Either split the hour (assuming the TECG part isn't cancelled for lack 
of substantial items, in which case we can probably have the full hour), 
or reschedule separately...but either way I'd be interested in hearing 
about  status/next steps for PE.

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