Compatibility mouse events, take 2?

Just wondering, now that Pointer Events just through W3C Rec, if 
isn't at risk now of already being obsolete, since it only reflects 
current IE 11's implementation, and since Microsoft's Spartan is already 
going for a different event order which is more compatible with the way 
mouse events are dispatched in Touch Events?

pointerover > pointerenter > pointerdown > touchstart > focus > 
(gotpointercapture) > pointermove > pointerup > touchend > 
(lostpointercapture) > mouseover > mouseenter > mousemove > mousedown > 
mouseup > click > pointerout > pointerleave

(see last few rows in

Or is this event order in Spartan only going to come into effect based 
on heuristics (if it's detected somehow that the page, or one of its 
components, registers touch* handlers).

Should there be a clarifying note of sorts? Is this something that needs 
to wait for PE version 2?

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Received on Tuesday, 31 March 2015 14:52:16 UTC