Re: Agenda items for call on Tuesday?

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Hi Rick, All

I don't have anything specific for the TECG but I was thinking about 
having a PEWG call on March 17 to talk about status and next steps for PEWG.

However, given substantial membership overlap between these two groups 
and their voice conference slots overlapping, I'm not sure how to 
proceed. One option is to split the hour at xx:30, but if TECG needs 
more time, perhaps I should just go ahead and create a separate meeting 
for PEWG. What do folks prefer: split the hour or separate meetings at 
different time and/or day?

-Thanks, AB

On 3/15/15 5:35 PM, Rick Byers wrote:
> We agreed last week that we'd have a call if there were suitable 
> agenda items.  I don't have any, does anyone else?
> I've updated my InputDevice API sketch 
> <> 
> based on our discussion about extensibility. But since there were no 
> other major concerns, I don't think we need this on the agenda again.  
> Action is on me to nudge the www-dom folks. *Jacob, *can you bring 
> this up with Travis please?
> If there are no substantial agenda items by EOD tomorrow, then the 
> meeting will be canceled.
> Thanks,
>    Rick

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