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05.02.2015, 17:30, "Arthur Barstow" <>:
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> An update on the publication of the Pointer Events Recommendation ...
> The comment period ended on January 16 and the review results are
> Member-confidential [1]. Of the 17 W3C Members that replied to the
> proposal to publish the Recommendation, 16 supported publishing the
> specification "as is" and one Member (who is also a member of the
> Pointer Events Working Group) filed a Formal Objection and "suggests the
> document not be published as a Recommendation" (the formal objection is
> Member-confidential [FO] so I can't copy it to this list).

We are the member who submitted the formal objection. It is currently under active discussion with the director.

Our basic concern is that W3C recommending pointer events sets up a long and painfully costly fragmentation between it and the existing touch/mouse events - which may be architecturally inferior, but seem unlikely to disappear any time soon, and in particular not in favour of pointer events.

We would be interested to see a small Rec that basically covers the pen-type info like pressure and angle, e.g. extending touch events. Except in InkML those things aren't available as a specified standard for the Web platform and we're no more optimistic about InkML as the way to do them than we are about pointer-events.

We would like to see pointer-events clearly documented (we have to use them in certain cases), but we don't think it is helpful to have two competing Recommendations, and perhaps unfortunately we believe that the market has made its decision.

We believe a lot of energy will be needed to teach developers another approach and modify the workflows and toolchains across the web. We prefer to see that effort spent on something like the intention events being developed collaboratively between the Webapps editing task force and IndieUI. While it will take a lot of time and energy to make that shift too, we feel that it has a much higher payoff for the investment required by the industry.

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