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"Backwards deletion": ready for WG review?

agenda+ A tag to display date and/or time to the user in his preferred format

Agenda+ Close all `close?` issues?

agenda+ Definition of string

agenda+ for CSS mtg

agenda+ FW: [w3c/vc-data-model] Internationalization Review for VCDM 2.0 (Issue #1155)

agenda+ Is @context in JSON bad?

agenda+ name/description fields

agenda+ Publish FPWD of Catalan Gap Analysis doc

agenda+ string definitions in RDF (and our materials)

agenda+ Topic: Verifiable Credentials: time handling and I18N Considerations

agenda+ WCAG applicability

Daily github digest (WG INTERNAL review issues)


Event Invitation: I18N ⇔ CSS

Event Invitation: Internationalization (I18N) WG

Event Invitation: W3C Internationalization Working Group Teleconference

Event Updated: Accessible Platform Architectures WG

Event Updated: I18N ⇔ CSS

Event Updated: Internationalization (I18N) WG

Event Updated: W3C Internationalization Working Group Teleconference

Fwd: Publication request

I18N-ACTION-1279: Develop a specdev section about i18n considerations sections

I18N-ACTION-1280: Create an action item

I18N-ACTION-1281: Set up a repo for action tracking

I18N-ACTION-1282: Set up a repo for action tracking

I18N-ACTION-1283: Configure i18n-actions repo

I18N-ACTION-1284: Give ghurlbot access to write to the repo

I18N-ACTION-1285: Work with respec and bikeshed to provide the character markup template as easy-to-use markup

I18N-ACTION-1286: Check into how to list questions at the top of a digest and/or improve lang enablement communications

I18N-ACTION-1287: Triage all css properties to determine which are logical, physical, or na by default

I18N-ACTION-1288: Make sure generics are comfortable to read in the content language

I18N-ACTION-1289: Publish fpwd of korean gap analysis

I18N-ACTION-1290: And fantasai to have informal explanation sessions about counter style translations with csswg members

Publication request

Publication request: DNOTE of Korean Layout Gap Analysis

Questions/comments about glossary and FAQ entries (i18n-actions#25)

Restructuring of Tibetan Layout Requirements

Weekly github digest (I18n repos)

Weekly github digest (Review comments)

Weekly github digest (Tracker items)

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