agenda+ Definition of string

In response to my action item #41, I started work on updating the section on
defining 'string' in specdev.


My PR [1] contains the first draft of this. 


There are some problems we need to discuss:


*	I can't find a definition for the term 'web platform' used by
"DESIGN-PRINCIPLES". It appears to mean "JS APIs and maybe web pages", but
this is not clear. I need this term to contrast with "other specifications",
e.g. RDF, LD, XML, and the like.
*	INFRA and WEBIDL use *different* terms. INFRA's definition 'string'
means DOMString and 'scalar value string' means USVString. Annoyingly, the
term 'string' in e.g. XML, XMLSchema, etc, really want to be USVStrings.
*	We don't have any of the string definitions (string, DOMString,
USVString, scalar value string, etc.) in our glossary.


Take a look at my PR and the above and let's discuss how to proceed.




Addison Phillips

Chair (W3C Internationalization WG)


Internationalization is not a feature.

It is an architecture.


Received on Monday, 18 September 2023 22:50:37 UTC