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<q> element, XHTML2, and CSS

[all]Please review the Last call working draft CCXML

[Bug 1334] no implicit conversion between time zones

[CSS3 Text] word-space-symbol Property

[I18N Core] Reminder Teleconference is 2005-07-12 Tomorrow

[I18N Core] REMINDER Teleconference is 2005-07-26 TOMORROW

[I18N Core] REMINDER Teleconference is 2005-08-02 TOMORROW

[I18N Core] REMINDER Teleconference is 2005-09-06 TODAY

[I18N Core] REMINDER Teleconference is 2005-09-13 TOMORROW

[I18N Core] REMINDER Teleconference is 2005-09-20 [TOMORROW]

[I18N Core] REMINDER WS-I18N Kickoff Call is 2005-07-07 TOMORROW

[I18N Core] REMINDER: Telconference is 2005-08-23 TOMORROW

[I18N Core] REMINDERTeleconference is 2005-09-27 [NOW]

[I18N Core] Teleconference Minutes 2005-07-05

[I18N Core] Teleconference Minutes 2005-07-12

[I18N Core] Teleconference Minutes 2005-07-19

[I18N Core] Teleconference Minutes 2005-08-23 (draft version)

[I18N Core] Teleconference Minutes 2005-08-23 (final version)

[I18N Core] Teleconference Minutes 2005-08-30

ACTION A-Redmond05-01: timezone health warning

Additional information: Unicode stability policy

Charmod2 normalization uploaded

Comments from the I18N Core WG on XLink 1.1

Comments on "Guidelines and Registration Procedures for new URI Schemes"

Comments on CCXML (and CSS 2.1)

Comments on CSS 2.1 and X

Comments on CSS 2.1 WD-CSS21-20050613

Comments on WS-Internationalization working draft

Comments on XLink 1.1.

definition of i18n

Definition of l10n

Feedback Requested: Unicode Security Considerations

Fwd: SVG WG response to I18n WG comments on SVG Tiny 1.2

IE7 and phishing

Publication of first working draft on web services internationalization

Review of previous reviews of css 2.1

Review Radar is updated!

Scope of Mobile Web Best Practices and i18n

Status SVG WG

Test suite development for anyURI

Text direction use cases for Justsystem folks

Time zone handling in QT

Time Zone Note updated...

timezone FAQ in Note format...

Unicode Stability Policy

URI guidelines for review?

WS-I18N source document...

XHTML Ruby specification error handling rules

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