Time zone handling in QT

Hi Addison, hi all,

I made some concrete proposals for XQuery / XSLT users and integrated them  
into the Wiki [1]. Please comment them / change them as you like. I added  
the following:

Recommendations for XQuery / XSLT

The following recommendations are for users of XQuery / XSLT who have to  
deal with time zone sensitive data:
       If possible, make sure that your data always contains an explicit  
time zone which should be UTC (i.e. computer time).
       Do not apply any operations based on date / time types (e.g.  
indexing) if you are not sure (a) whether your data has time zone  
information at all, or (b) whether the data collection might encompass a  
data subset without timezones or might mix computer and wall time.
       If you have data like 2, before applying any date / time sensitive  
operations, adjust the time zone of the data to UTC with the functions for  
time zone adjustment, cf. [WWW]  
       If you have data like 2 (b) and you do not want to adjust the data  
subset which already has a time zone, make sure that you recognize this  
data subset, e.g. via the component extraction functions [WWW]  

-- Felix

[1] http://esw.w3.org/topic/i18nFAQTimeZone

Received on Wednesday, 27 July 2005 07:44:16 UTC