Comments on CSS 2.1 and X

Hi all,

These are some reviews / collections of previous reviews on CSS 2.1 [1]  
and XLink 1.1 [2].

The CSS 2.1 review is a review of current reviews and the current CSS 2.1  
WD. The first table in the file contains previous comments, the second  
table contains comments which we should make (again) for the current WD.  
This second table is mainly a copy of parts of the first one. The design  
of the page is still subject to change, please give me your comments.

I'm not sure if much of the XLink review is necessary, since the ack  
section of the document says that Francois was in the WG ... But anyway,  
please have a look.




Received on Tuesday, 19 July 2005 09:14:06 UTC