Re: Time zone handling in QT

Hello Felix,

Some comments below.

At 16:44 05/07/27, Felix Sasaki wrote:
 >Hi Addison, hi all,
 >I made some concrete proposals for XQuery / XSLT users and integrated them
 >into the Wiki [1]. Please comment them / change them as you like. I added
 >the following:
 >Recommendations for XQuery / XSLT
 >The following recommendations are for users of XQuery / XSLT who have to
 >deal with time zone sensitive data:

I think this is the wrong start. Many people will think that it
doesn't concern them. But most people are affected, sooner or
later. The intro should make that clear.

Regards,   Martin.

 >    1.
 >       If possible, make sure that your data always contains an explicit
 >time zone which should be UTC (i.e. computer time).
 >    2.
 >       Do not apply any operations based on date / time types (e.g.
 >indexing) if you are not sure (a) whether your data has time zone
 >information at all, or (b) whether the data collection might encompass a
 >data subset without timezones or might mix computer and wall time.
 >    3.
 >       If you have data like 2, before applying any date / time sensitive
 >operations, adjust the time zone of the data to UTC with the functions for
 >time zone adjustment, cf. [WWW]
 >    4.
 >       If you have data like 2 (b) and you do not want to adjust the data
 >subset which already has a time zone, make sure that you recognize this
 >data subset, e.g. via the component extraction functions [WWW]
 >-- Felix

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