RE: ACTION A-Redmond05-01: timezone health warning


I am very pleased with your draft text.  It is one of the better, more 
concise, and clearer discussions of this rather annoying problem that I've 
encountered.  I am not particularly delighted with the three names you've 
chosen, but I don't currently have a better alternative to offer.

You say that you wish to publish the document as a Note and that we would 
then reference it in our document[s].  I assume that our reference would be 
non-normative, because the text of a Note is not itself normative in any 
sense.  Right?  If my assumption is correct, then I would have no 
objections to following your suggested action.  Among the advantages is the 
fact that a Note can be published pretty quickly so that it is available no 
later than our documents going to CR status, right?

If I find little quibbles that I'd like changed, what is the best process 
for making that happen?


At 9/1/2005 09:48 AM, Addison Phillips wrote:

>Hi Paul,
>I had an action item to follow up this week with Ashok. I believe we are 
>done with our editing homework. The question is what form the health 
>warning should take in your document. Our text is slightly long.
>We want to suggest that we publish our document as a Note and that you 
>include a reference to it in your document.
>The document itself is currently located in the Wiki:
>Please let us know if you have particular concerns with the content or if 
>you prefer a different course of action for including material from it in 
>Addison P. Phillips
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>It is an architecture.
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> > > ACTION A-Redmond05-01 Ashok will work with Addison to develop text
> > > for the timezone health warning.  ETA end of August.
> >
> > Is the text for the health warning ready?  If it is can one of you
> > please reply to this message with the proposed text or a pointer to it?
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