Scope of Mobile Web Best Practices and i18n

I was surprised to see no mention whatsoever of potential internationalization issues and best practices in

Note that, in addition to best practices that will enable international use of documents on mobile devices (eg. ensuring a means of supporting right to left scripts, proper specification of character encodings, etc.), my work on software user interfaces makes me think that there are likely to be a good number of recommendations related to localizability of information for small displays. This includes such things as:
- when designing the page allow for text to expand in translation when the source text is in a language such as English or Chinese (use of tabs, graphics, and other mechanisms can be helpful in this respect)
- be careful about optimising memory and screen space by use of messages built from separate strings
- bear in mind that scripts such as Chinese, Thai and Arabic require more vertical pixels for glyphs than most Latin characters
- write compact but clear source text
- etc.

I hope that the Working Group will be able to work with the appropriate Internationalization Working Group to explore such topics.

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