Re: [I18N Core] REMINDER Teleconference is 2005-07-26 TOMORROW

Hi Martin,

I think Addison wants to talk about an invitation from Chris Lilley (see  
at the end of the mail). I think we need input in "IRI education" (see the  
list below).

Regards, Felix.

On Tue, 26 Jul 2005 11:52:26 +0900, Martin Duerst <>  

> At 09:36 05/07/26, Addison Phillips wrote:
>  >W3C Internationalization Core Working Group Teleconference
>  >7. IRI discussion at HCG prep (10 minutes)
> Hello Addison, can you give more information about this?
> I saw something about the <q> element from HCG recently,
> but nothing about IRIs. Please tell me if you need input,
> and what input in particular.
> Regards,    Martin.

Display all headersDate: Thu, 21 Jul 2005 21:12:33 +0200
From: Chris Lilley <>
Reply-To: Chris Lilley <>
Organization: W3C
To: Addison Phillips <>
Cc: "Felix Sasaki" <>, Deborah Dahl  
Subject: Invitation to Hypertext CG, 5 August 2005 - IRI discussion

Hello Addison, Felix

I would like to invite Addison (and Felix too, although the time is not
good for Felix) to participate in  the 5 August Hypertext CG
telcon to discuss IRIs.

I find that there is little knowledge or awareness of IRIS in W3C WGs
unless someone happens to have a specific interest in I18n in general.
This means that people may not have heard of IRIs, who they help, why
they are needed, or what is involved in supporting them.

They also have not, typically, looked at what XLink 1.0, Schema anyURI,
etc already require (ie, the whole translate to UTF-8 and hexify deal)
and are thus often not aware that their specs can already deal with a
substantial subset of IRIs (and thus, that to specify "just URI for this
version", as some may be tempted to do when faced with IRI, is in fact a
retrogressive step.

They may well be unaware that, for example, in Korea already 10% of DNS
registrations use International Domain Names.

A certain amount of IRI 101 education is thus in order. I suggest (but
feel free to change, of course) the following structure:

- The need (not just easy to type web addresses for non-English folks
but also the query part for dictionary lookup, etc)
- The problem of guessing the encoding ('encoding of the page' not
working for bookmarked queries, etc)
- Overview of what anyURI, XML, and XLink already require in terms of
what can be put as an attribute value (ie, all the Unicode stuff) and
what must be done to turn it into a URI, and how late that is done (on
link traversal, not on content creation)
- Check at this point whose specs reference what by way of attributes
that take URI
- What IRI adds (IDNS, character normalisation) and how easy that is
- Choice between older practice of specifying the whole copy and paste  
thing (hexify,
or newer practice of just referring to IRI section 3.1
- Samples of newer specs that move to IRI (XLink 1.1, SVG 1.2, what is
Schema 1.1 doing?)

Comments welcome. If you have a couple of pages handy that you can point
people to, that would be great as this sort of discussion strains the
limited I18n capabilities of most IRC clients.

Here are the meeting details:

Bi-weekly meeting: Fri August 5, 15:00Z
(7am Pacific, 10am East Coast, 3pm UK, 4pm France, 11pm Japan)
Number to call: +1.617.761.6200, conference code 4865

Please note that I will not be on that call (I will be in London,
meeting with the BBC) but I am happy to help organize things ahead of
time. Deborah (copied), co-chair of the Hypertext CG, will chair that

  Chris Lilley          
  Chair, W3C SVG Working Group
  W3C Graphics Activity Lead

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