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[coders] Last call working drafts for data on the web best practices

[Minutes] 2016-06-03 - and a bit of a moan

[Minutes] 2016-06-10

[Minutes] 2016-06-17

about the implementation grid

Action -148 / pull request

Action-208 Contact oa wg to see whether they would consider adding dqv motivation

ACTION-252: Create time table for duv progress/iterations

Addressing comments from external reviewers

Agenda for tomorrow

BP doc to Candidate Rec

Close Action-148

Close ACTION-267: Attempt to merge the bps on api documentation?

Close action-270?

Close action-279?

Close Action-282?

Close Action-284?

Close ISSUE-251?

Closing last actions

Data Quality Vocabulary and Annotations

DQV - Back to compatibility with RDF Data Cube

Drafting a wiki page for collecting DQV implementations/reuses

dwbp-ACTION-282: Put together something to collect and manage comments

dwbp-ACTION-283: Look at optimising the test for bp 31. multiple tests?

dwbp-ACTION-284: Reply to andrea to say that we'll include his suggestion to talk about registration and will refer to the duv as an alternative route. always important to say what will be done with the registration data

dwbp-ACTION-285: Offer text for comments 2 and 6

dwbp-ACTION-286: Send out an email calling for an email vote to transition the bp doc to cr. voting will be by email and will close on 12pm boston on tuesday the 28th.

dwbp-ISSUE-234: Role of Usage Tool [Data Usage Vocabulary]

Fwd: New dqv:inDimension

Fwd: Re: [coders] Last call working drafts for data on the web best practices

Fwd: Re: New Web Annotation motivation for (data quality) assessment?

Issue-223 - how to formally close it?

JSON-LD Best Practices

Missing provenance metadata on DQV Observations

On ACTION-268: Add intro to daQ in DQV

Precision and accuracy example

Progress on Issue-223 - parameters in DQV

Results of the 27th June voting - BP document

Sending regrets for this weeks meeting

Silent 35 speak up please! (DWBP)

Tasks to complete by Fri 17th June, so that we can vote for moving BP doc to CR on Fri 24 June

Text suggestions for recent comments

Tomorrow's agenda online

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