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[DWBP] Data Enrichment

a first proposal for Issue-205

Agenda for this week's call

Agenda for tomorrow

Agenda for tomorrow - CORRECTION ON THE TIME

Agenda for tomorrow's meeting

Best Practices Cross-Reference Section

Changing BPs in data vocabulary section

dwbp-ACTION-216: Add note to the bp doc that we are discussing the issue of subsetting data, and identifying those subsets. and that we're talking to the sdw wg about this issue too

dwbp-ACTION-217: Write to christophe and ask for help with writing the examples for data preservation

dwbp-ACTION-218: Add the example for the data identifiers section

dwbp-ACTION-219: Send an email to discuss the suggestion to add the assertion that a dataset's metadata conforms to a standard (like geojson)

dwbp-ISSUE-206: The example with memento needs to be rewritten to use the transport example [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-207: Move BP Maintain separate versions for a data API to the Data Versioning section [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-209: A definition for standardized term should be included in the glossary [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-210: Code lists are used for describing metadata or data values? [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-211: Should we be more explicit about the use of vocabularies? [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-212: Should we use the term shared vocabulary instead of vocabulary? Should we use "Reuse Vocabularies" or "Use vocabularies" for the title of the BP? [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-213 (BP_REST): Changes on BP about REST APIs [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-214: prov:Agent vs duv:Agent [Data Usage Vocabulary]

dwbp-ISSUE-215: duv:Publication versus foaf:Document [Data Usage Vocabulary]

dwbp-ISSUE-216: duv:Rating as an instance of daq:Metric [Data Usage Vocabulary]

dwbp-ISSUE-217: Review data usage model [Data Usage Vocabulary]

dwbp-ISSUE-218: Level of detail sharing 3rd party vocabularies that can be used with DUV [Data Usage Vocabulary]

dwbp-ISSUE-219: Tying DUV to Use Case requirements. [Data Usage Vocabulary]

Fwd: Problems removing hasDimension and hasMetric as abstract properties

Help with vocabularies to describe transport information

Interesting effort...

issue-202: asserting the dataset's metadata conforms to certain standards

ISSUE-202: Relation between dqv, iso 19115/19157 and geodcat-ap

ISSUE-203: Status of UK URI design guidelines

ISSUE-208: What to say about subsetting data, and identifying those subsets. this to be done in conjunction with sdw wg about this issue

Password needed from now on

regrets for this week

Sensitive data

WebEx security

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