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3rd Party Content - Embeded Video Player


Applicability of General WCAG 2.0 techniques.

Broaching the Canvas tag

ChromeVox supports ARIA

Conflict between alternative options 1-4 and F69

Data table requirements

Example 2

F9 also relates to SC 3.2.2 On Input, not just 3.2.5 (Change on Request)

Fwd: 3rd Party Content - Embeded Video Player

I feel that the 2 sufficient techniques should be 'and' not 'or'.

Mixup in Understanding doc: SC 3.2.2 and SC 3.2.5

Multiple data tables and summary attribute and caption element

Other PDF readers exist.

Plethora of PDF generation tools not mentioned.

Reflow and Order panel can not guarantee the reading order

Simple versus complext data tables

Situation B: Colors for stacked bar chart

Techniques for WCAG 2.0: T3: Using standard text formatting conventions for headings (TXT)

This applies to all pdf techniques explaining how to proceed with ms office

Touchscreen Accessibility

typo: many -> may

UA and AT out of date.

UJikEx <a href="">olqvxkmxejvq</a>, [url=]lgrotnyqxtda[/url], [link=http://byii

Understanding SC 2.4.6 needs improvement

Understanding WCAG 2- SC 1.3.1

Useful links for Action Items

vDigtx <a href="">slcpecriwjta</a>, [url=]jcyhemzvluph[/url], [link=http://yrap

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