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> Hello WCAG-WG,
> SC 2.4.6 requires a label to describe purpose, meaning purpose of
> associated components including interactive controls.
> But this is not clear from reading the content for Understanding SC 2.4.6.
> The SC refers to headings and labels but the examples that follow do not
> contain an example for form labels. (The definition of label is wider than
> HTML form label).
> Only G131 in the "How to" doc seems to clearly suggest that label refers to
> labels for interactive components. SC 3.3.2 only requires a label ... does
> not say label's purpose is clear.
> I often see form controls with poor labels / title attributes and I flag SC
> 2.4.6.
> Suggestion: The Understanding SC 2.4.6 and examples should explicitly refer
> to labels for form controls and interactive components.
> Thanks,
> Sailesh Panchang
> Web Accessibility Specialist
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Response from the Working Group
Thank you for your comment. The Understanding document for 2.4.6 contains
examples only for headers, and we agree that an example for labels should be
added, since they are part of the success criterion. We have therefore
decided to add an example, describing a label for an interactive control.

1. In the section "Examples of Success Criterion 2.4.6", add as bulleted
example 4 the following example (taken from g131):
"A form asking the name of the user
A form asks the name of the user. It consists of two input fields to ask for
the first and last name. The first field is labeled "First name", the second
is labeled "Last name"."

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