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> Name: Makoto Ueki
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> Affiliation: WAIC (Japan) / Infoaxia, Inc.
> Document: W2
> Item Number: Success Criterion 2.1.1
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> Comment Type: general comment
> Summary of Issue: Touchscreen Accessibility
> Comment (Including rationale for any proposed change):
> Touchscreen issues are covered by WCAG 2?
> SC 2.1.1 requires the keyboard accessibility. What about a touchscreen
> interface?
> For example, 'onmouseover' and 'onkeypress' don't work on the touchscreens
> such as iPhone and iPad.
> Does WCAG 2 require the touchscreen users to buy and use a keyboard for
> such devices?
> Proposed Change:
> Just to make sure if WCAG 2 covers touchscreen issues or not. WAIC need an
> answer from WCAG WG in order for JIS X 8341-3:2010(our standards) to
> harmonize with WCAG 2. Thank you very much.
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Response from the Working Group
SC 2.1.1 covers the issues of touchscreen interfaces. By requiring that all
functionality be available from the keyboard, WCAG ensures that a page will
work and be accessible even if onmouseover etc does not work.  Everything
that onmouseover accomplished would also be available through "onfocus" or
some other keyboard accessible technique. Since all of the touchscreen
devices known to the Working Group, including Android and iOS, also allow
connection of a keyboard (wired, Bluetooth or other) such a keyboard (or AT
acting as a keyboard) could be used to access the web page through that
client.  If a person found a device that didnít support a keyboard, they
should skip that one and use one that does.  In that case the problem isn't
the web page (which WCAG covers) but the device (which WCAG does not)

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