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Regrets for BPWG 2008-03-27 Yeliz Yesilada (Sunday, 30 March)

code corrections for 5.9.4 and 5.9.5 Jeff Sonstein (Friday, 28 March)

[minutes] Thursday 27 March 2008 Teleconf Francois Daoust (Thursday, 27 March)

ACTION-719 [5.x.y CSS] Jeff Sonstein (Thursday, 27 March)

ACTION-719 [5.9.4 Javascript/ECMAScript] Jeff Sonstein (Thursday, 27 March)

ACTION-719 background Jeff Sonstein (Thursday, 27 March)

Regrets from Kai for BPWG 2008-03-27 Scheppe, Kai-Dietrich (Thursday, 27 March)

Mintues for the mobileOK TF telefone conference 26 march 2008 Scheppe, Kai-Dietrich (Wednesday, 26 March)

[minutes] Thursday 20 February 2008 Teleconf Francois Daoust (Thursday, 20 March)

Regrets for BPWG 2008-03-20 Yeliz Yesilada (Thursday, 20 March)

BP suggestion: use multipart messages to minimize the number of HTTP requests Francois Daoust (Thursday, 20 March)

ACTION-696: Summarise the U Helsinki masters thesis on Mobile Ajax performance Francois Daoust (Thursday, 20 March)

[agenda] Agenda for Tomorrow's Call Appelquist, Daniel, VF-Group (Wednesday, 19 March)

mobileOK Pro TF call this week is cancelled due to F2F Scheppe, Kai-Dietrich (Monday, 17 March)

HTTP Link Use cases Phil Archer (Monday, 17 March)

Proposed text about applicability of MWBP in general context, for accessibility Alan Chuter (Friday, 14 March)

Discussion on purpose of Mobile Accessibility document Alan Chuter (Friday, 14 March)

Re: IMAGE_MAPS Alan Chuter (Friday, 14 March)

Work by Yeliz on the accessibility document Alan Chuter (Friday, 14 March)

ACTION-713 Review some AJAX resources Sean Owen (Thursday, 13 March)

Comments on BP2 Sean Owen (Thursday, 13 March)

[minutes] Thursday 13 February 2008 Teleconf Dominique Hazael-Massieux (Thursday, 13 March)

ISSUE-240: Remove requirement of validity to self-declared DTD [mobileOK Basic tests] Mobile Web Best Practices Working Group Issue Tracker (Thursday, 13 March)

[Agenda] BPWG Call Thursday 2008-03-13 Jo Rabin (Wednesday, 12 March)

ARIA & mobile Web? Yeliz Yesilada (Monday, 10 March)

Photo album for W3C Seoul Meeting 전종홍 (Monday, 10 March)

Seoul BPWG F2F - report Francois Daoust (Sunday, 9 March)

From MWBP1.0 to WCAG1.0 document Yeliz Yesilada (Friday, 7 March)

mobileOK Pro 1st Draft Scheppe, Kai-Dietrich (Friday, 7 March)

BP Submission: AJAX Best Practices 전종홍 (Thursday, 6 March)

Statistics on mobileOK Basic Dominique Hazael-Massieux (Wednesday, 5 March)

New version of mobile accessibility document Alan Chuter (Wednesday, 5 March)

Minutes of the mobileOK Pro TF Meeting from today Scheppe, Kai-Dietrich (Wednesday, 5 March)

[minutes] Seoul F2F Day 2 - Tuesday 4 March 2008 Francois Daoust (Tuesday, 4 March)

[minutes] Seoul F2F Day 1 - Thursday 3 March 2008 Francois Daoust (Tuesday, 4 March)

mobileOK Basic test suite Dominique Hazael-Massieux (Tuesday, 4 March)

ISSUE-239 (Techniques Adoption): We still have not found a suitable home for the Techniques. [Techniques document] Mobile Web Best Practices Working Group Issue Tracker (Tuesday, 4 March)

Re: Yeliz's comments on MWBP & WCAG overview page Alan Chuter (Monday, 3 March)

Re: Suggested BPs for BP 2 José Manuel Cantera Fonseca (Saturday, 1 March)

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