Statistics on mobileOK Basic


A few statistics gathered on sites that were checked with the online
mobileOK checker over the past few months:

 * of all the sites that were successfully checked, 3.75% of them were
mobileOK basic, and 3.1% had "only" 1 type of error to fix to be
mobileOK basic

 * the most common errors were
  - not XHTML Basic valid (74% of pages)
  - not valid (70% of pages)
  - using an absolute measure in CSS (56% of pages) [but there is
possibly a bug in the checker on that test]
  - no caching information (52% of pages)
  - no encoding declaration (or a non utf8 encoding declared) (49%)
  - pages too big (47%)
  - no dimensions declared in markup for images (46%)
(all the other errors were present in less than 40% of pages)

 * among the pages that were valid according to their declared DTD, but
not XHTML Basic/MP valid, the most common errors was the appearance of
the lang attribute on the <html> tag (only xml:lang is allowed in XHTML
Basic), in 58% of these pages. There was on average 3 XHTML-Basic errors
in them, and in a third of them, there was a single error (and in most
of those, the lang attribute one).
(also, I believe there is bug in the XHTML Basic DTD [1] which I think
accounts for many of these errors)

 * 17% of the sites submitted were not successfully checked (i.e. the
checker terminated abnormally - there is probably some important stuff
to be mined out for the checker TF in there)

 * 2% of the successfully checked sites were in WML

There are probably other interesting stats to be mined out of these
data; if you have suggestions on these, let me know.



Received on Wednesday, 5 March 2008 16:22:55 UTC