BP suggestion: use multipart messages to minimize the number of HTTP requests

Using a multipart message, you can send a main page and say an image 
and/or a CSS stylesheet, ... within the same HTTP response. This saves 
some round-trips between the client and the server and thus may be of 
some use in a high-latency environment.

(It also de facto prevents the browser from fecthing resources in 
parallel which may not be such a good thing)

The mobile browser is supposed to cache the different parts of the 
response. I'm not sure mobile browsers all support receiving/parsing 
multipart responses though.

This could go in 5.5 Conservative use of network traffic. Or it may 
simply be another example of a way to minimize external script files 
(although not limited to *script* files)

I found the idea (accidentally) there:


Received on Thursday, 20 March 2008 14:24:47 UTC