Re: Yeliz's comments on MWBP & WCAG overview page

This relates to the message of 20th February [1].

Yeliz wrote: Page title
- It would be good to remove the versioning of the MWBP from the main
title. This is because of the following reasons: (1) WCAG does not
have a version and for consistency it would be better not to have it
for MWBP; (2) and the new version of MWB is under development so I
would imagine when the new version will be available, there will be
another document comparing the new version of the MWBP with the
existing WCAG guidelines;

Alan: This sounds right. What do other people think?

Yeliz: Top Menu
- In the top menu, again MWBP does not have a version, would it be
better to have the version number for consistency and for the future

Alan: I think it would make it harder to read, and it isn't necessary
for differentiating the options.

Yeliz: Abstract
- Would it be useful to add links to WCAG and MWBP?
- Only WCAG has the acronym but not MWBP.
I prefer to keep it simple, but I'm not sure. What do other people
think? I've added the acronym for MWBP.

Yeliz: How to use this document section
- There is only WCAG 2.0 and MWBP 1.0 Together document, why not have
WCAG 2.0 and MWBP 1.0 together, or if there is a reason for that I
think it would be good to explain it here.

Alan: The hope is that by the time this is done, WCAG 1.0 will have
been superseded by 2.0 for new projects.Perhaps I'm over optimistic in
that view.

I've incorporated your other suggestions.




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