Mintues for the mobileOK TF telefone conference 26 march 2008



mobileOK Pro Task Force

26 Mar 2008

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<manrique> I have done the call

<DKA> trackbot-ng, start meeting

<trackbot-ng> Meeting: Mobile Web Best Practices Working Group

<trackbot-ng> Date: 26 March 2008

<Kai> ScribeNick: drooks

Kai: recaps last weeks face to face

dave appologises again for not being able to make it

kai: we made great progress in terms of making tests more repeatable

<DKA> got it

<manrique> got it

<DKA> ??

<dom> grmpf

Kai: can everyone read through updated MOK doc tests 4.1 - 4.12 to see
what we have done so far
... today i want to divide up the rets of the tests and get everyone to
try and find ways to make them more repeatable
... lets look at 4.3 - avoid free text

<Kai> If the user is asked to fill in a form and if there is a finite
number of possible values that the user could enter and those options
are not presented either as a series of radio buttons, check boxes or a
select menu: [FAIL].

achuter: maybe we should create an examples document?

kai: not sure creating a seperate doc will add any value

achuter: we need to make sure the examples we provide are as complete as

kai: yes, but we shouldn't forget that they are just examples

phila: danger in giving examples as people will assume that the examples
cover all aspects of the test

kai: everyone is more than welcome to add examples if they believe they
are of value

phila: should we consider predictive text as a way to expliot deivce
capabilities and avoid free text?

drooks: can a Web site improve the predictive text capabilities of a

kai: lets put this doscussion on hold
... lets distribute remaining tests between us all to work over

drooks: will take 4.15 - 4.20

<DKA> I will put my hand up but please chase me about them.

<PhilA> me to take 32 - 38

drooks: i'll take more if needed

<achuter> Alan to take 10 to 15

<PhilA> Dan to take 27 - 31

<achuter> Alan to take 13, 14, 15, 21, 22

<Kai> I will take 23-26

kai: i've started putting in a high level revision description
... don't see need to go into more detail than that for now

phila: change log required once we go to first public working draft

drooks: lets make sure we're happy with everything before we publish it
then :)

<achuter> bye

<manrique> bye

Summary of Action Items

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