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4/13/98 http-authentication-01.txt comments

4/14/98 http-authentication-01 comments

416 implementation incompatibility V3

5/13/98 http-authentication-01.txt comments

[Fwd: I-D ACTION:draft-kristol-http-proxy-state-00.txt,.ps]

``canonical'' root URL of a server?

Advantages of persistent connections


Byte ranges

Cache Control must > MUST

caching & revalidation, followup -- a question to proxy server authors

caching vs revalidation in http1.1

Comments on draft HTTP/1.1 spec, v3

Comments on section 9.8, TRACE

Confused about persistent connection for old clients

Connection tokens

Content-Encoding and Content-Type in trailer?

Copyright and cache

Deployed use of HOST Header?

Digest auth and domain, again

Digest auth and domain=

Digest auth and Range and qop=auth-int

Digest auth: what if client omits qop=?

Digest Authentication: nc=

Digest test site available

Digest testing site available

draft-ietf-http-authentication-01.txt client imp?


Drawbacks of persistent connections

Etag in nonce

finishing testing of HTTP/1.1 (help requested)....

HTTP 1.1 rev 3 permission

http 1.1 RFC

HTTP features w/ low 'implemented' and 'tested'

HTTP-authentication-01.txt comments

I-D ACTION:draft-ietf-http-state-man-mec-09.txt,.ps

IBM patents tunneling HTTP through another protocal

Implementation report: does anyone implement non-CRLF text charsets?

Implementations and implementation reports.

Implementing Hostname recognition in HTTP Servers

Implementors' List?

Implications of introducing new scheme and port for exis

Implications of introducing new scheme and port for existing HTTP servers

IPP> Implications of introducing new scheme and port f

IPP> RE: Implications of introducing new scheme and port for existing HTTP servers

Issue: warning header should be general header, not response header

Last Call: HTTP State Management Mechanism to Proposed Standard

Minor typos in Rev-03

Minor typos in Rev-03 etc.

MOD - What is a Firewall?

More comments on draft-ietf-http-authentication-01.txt

more Digest auth questions/comments

Multiple or unsolicited responses are forbidden

Multiple Proxy-Authenticate challenges?


New issues list published...

Non-order processing in persistent connections

Of possible interest: I-D on "Duplicate Suppression in HTTP"

On te, and on case in the digest example (2nd send)

On te, and on case in the digest example.

outstanding issues: what's happening?

Patents, IETF, and HTTP

Protection spaces and proxy servers

Proxies and gethostbyname

question in caching in the HTTP1.1

redirection issues

Request for a copy of the document

response to protocol violations (was: what does "unrecognized header fields" mean?)

rev-03 editorial crossref glitch

Section 10.3.3 (302 Found)

Slight editorial discrepancy in HTTP/1.1 Rev 3

Status of HTTP-WG documents

still more Digest auth questions/comments

TE: identity; q=0

TR: question in caching in the HTTP1.1

Unidentified subject!

what does "unrecognized header fields" mean?

What is the REAL Address of this List

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