HTTP 1.1 rev 3 permission

Dear HTTP Working Group,

I work in the editorial group within Addison-Wesley's computer &
engineering publishing team. We're publishing a book called, Programming
Applications with Netscape Servers by Kaveh Gh. Bassiri in August 1998.
We're including a CD-ROM with this book, and would like to request
permission to use the full text of the HTTP/1.1 draft revision 3 available
online at:

The author references this material in the book, and we thought that
including it would be valuable to readers. Would you please let me know if
you will allow us to do this? I need to secure all permissions for this
CD-ROM by April 15, so your quick attention to this matter would be much
appreciated! I have attached a permissions release to this email: if you
find our use of your draft acceptable, please sign and fax this form to me
at 781-942-3076. 

Thank you again. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Elizabeth Spainhour		Tel: (781) 944-3700 ext. 2256
Addison Wesley Longman	Fax: (781) 942-3076	
One Jacob Way
Reading, MA 01867	

Received on Wednesday, 8 April 1998 03:27:54 UTC