RE: ``canonical'' root URL of a server?

I thought URLs had a caonical form -- bad chars coverted to %xx, etc. Maybe
it's in the URL RFC?

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Might be an artifact of moving the syntactical definition of a URL to be a
reference so that the definition of canonical got lost?

Dave Morris

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> What is the significance of including the word ``canonical'' in the
> sentence in draft-ietf-http-authentication-01 section 1.2?  The cited
> of the HTTP/1.1 draft defines the "root" URL of a server, but the word
> canonical doesn't appear there.  Is this an editorial bug in one spec or
> other?
> ``The realm value (case-sensitive), in combination with the canonical root
> (see section 5.1.2 of [2]) of the server being accessed, defines the
> space.''

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