Slight editorial discrepancy in HTTP/1.1 Rev 3


While reviewing Rev 3 in conjunction with some testing I found this slight

In Section 10.4.17 (416 Requested Range Not Satisfiable) it is stated:

"When this status code is returned for a byte-range request, the response
MUST include a Content-Range entity-header field specifying the current
length of the selected resource (see section 14.16)."

In section 14.16 (Content-Range) it is stated:

"A server sending a response with status code 416 (Requested range not
satisfiable) SHOULD include a Content-Range field with a
byte-range-resp-spec of "*""

The discrepancy is between the directives MUST and SHOULD.


John Chamberlain
Iris Associates

Received on Thursday, 30 April 1998 05:31:23 UTC