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Re: fyi: Cross-Origin Resource Embedding Restrictions Jonathan Rees (Thursday, 30 June)

Perspective on the metadata / discovery struggle Jonathan Rees (Thursday, 30 June)

Fwd: Publishing From-Origin Proposal as FPWD Noah Mendelsohn (Thursday, 30 June)

Draft minutes for TAG telcon 2011-06-23 Linss, Peter (Thursday, 30 June)

Unicode Normalization: request for TAG discussion and a finding Phillips, Addison (Wednesday, 29 June)

[Fwd: Re: Issue-57] David Booth (Monday, 27 June)

Re: Re http://www.w3.org/2001/tag/group/track/actions/510 Tim Berners-Lee (Monday, 27 June)

Personal comments on "Providing and Discovering Definitions of URIs" Leigh Dodds (Monday, 27 June)

Comment on: Providing and discovering definitions of URIs Dave Reynolds (Sunday, 26 June)

Comments solicited: "Providing and discovering definitions of URIs" Jonathan Rees (Saturday, 25 June)

What the client can gather from the 200 code. Was: Re: Rathole4: Time variance Alan Ruttenberg (Saturday, 25 June)

TAG issue on HTML+RDFa and Microdata last call drafts Noah Mendelsohn (Friday, 24 June)

Re: CfC: Publish HTML5 Edition for Web Authors as First Public Working Draft Noah Mendelsohn (Thursday, 23 June)

Bruce Lawson on Web Application Packaging Appelquist, Daniel, VF-Group (Thursday, 23 June)

Agenda for the TAG teleconference of 23 June 2011 Noah Mendelsohn (Wednesday, 22 June)

Fwd: [apps-discuss] Fwd: Second Last Call: <draft-hammer-hostmeta-16.txt> (Web Host Metadata) to Proposed Standard Mark Nottingham (Wednesday, 22 June)

An apology Noah Mendelsohn (Monday, 20 June)

Status of ACTION-509: Communicate with RDFa WG regarding documenting the fragid / media type issue Jonathan Rees (Monday, 20 June)

Draft minutes for TAG telcon of 2011-06-16 Henry S. Thompson (Saturday, 18 June)

Another prosecution-for-linking case Jeni Tennison (Friday, 17 June)

TAG member-only discussion of ISSUE-571 Noah Mendelsohn (Thursday, 16 June)

Agenda for the TAG Teleconference of 16 June 2011 Noah Mendelsohn (Thursday, 16 June)

Re-opening TAG ISSUE-35 (RDFinXHTML-35): Syntax and semantics for embedding RDF in XHTML Noah Mendelsohn (Thursday, 16 June)

Integrated June TAG F2F Minutes available for Review Noah Mendelsohn (Wednesday, 15 June)

MIME documents update (MIME and Web) Larry Masinter (Tuesday, 14 June)

Conflicting advice and requirements Steve Faulkner (Tuesday, 14 June)

Issue-57 Jeni Tennison (Monday, 13 June)

Fwd: FTC White Paper Responses by Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium ashok malhotra (Sunday, 12 June)

On what it means for a spec to be "normative" (re HTML5 & normative language spec) Larry Masinter (Saturday, 11 June)

Pat Hayes and logic for indirection? Jonathan Rees (Wednesday, 8 June)

Identifying Application State (was HashInURI) T.V Raman (Monday, 6 June)

Internet Access as Human Right Appelquist, Daniel, VF-Group (Sunday, 5 June)

Data Minimization Draft Appelquist, Daniel, VF-Group (Sunday, 5 June)

ISSUE-25: "Browse wrap" Jonathan Rees (Sunday, 5 June)

TAG and IAB discussion on security topic: Larry Masinter (Saturday, 4 June)

Web Applications: Web Browser As An Accessibility Platform T.V Raman (Friday, 3 June)

DRAFT agenda for IAB/TAG coordination call Thursday 6/7 Larry Masinter (Friday, 3 June)

New version of Memento I-D Herbert van de Sompel (Friday, 3 June)

Links and notes for the ISSUE-50 session Jonathan Rees (Friday, 3 June)

Today's TAG teleconference is retroactively cancelled Noah Mendelsohn (Friday, 3 June)

Re: Session on mime types and fragids Jonathan Rees (Thursday, 2 June)

Preliminary agenda for 6-8 June 2011 TAG F2F Noah Mendelsohn (Wednesday, 1 June)

F2F session on IRI and RFC 3023bis Noah Mendelsohn (Wednesday, 1 June)

Normative status of author-only view of the HTML5 specification Noah Mendelsohn (Wednesday, 1 June)

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